Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



…I wish it worked like that. The more desire for sleep I have, the harder it gets to actually fall asleep. XD


Ugh me. xD I understand that full heartedly.
I would tell you to take some sleeping pills but… that might not work and make you sleep longer than anticipated.


Ah, I don’t have sleeping pills anyway. I find that all medicines are very ineffective against me. XD
There is no winning… at least the RLS isn’t around tonight. That’s one good thing. XD


:joy: RLS?


Yes. My Real-time Locating System.
Gah! The stupid Restless Leg Syndrome…


Omg saaaame! I feel like that’s half the reason why I don’t feel rested enough. DX


Yup. Probably. No matter how much sleep I might end up getting, it doesn’t feel like it was worth it…
It also doesn’t feel very nice when I’m sitting down and my legs refuse to stop aching and kicking. I spend a lot of time just pacing back and forth in the kitchen because of it.


I found it! XD here it is @melodiccnightowl Mother%20Berry%20cookies%20logo%20copy2


Saaaame. It sucks. I’m glad I have someone I can relate to with this.


Omg that is too adorable XD I love it!


Gasp It reminds me of these things! I want!


A friend use to call me Mother Berry lol We’d bring our favorite tea and cookies to college and in our breaks have fun lol


Yeah. It’s weird how much an inexplainable feeling in your legs can affect you…


That sounds nice actually haha.

@TheMCOfficial True. ;-; I hate it so much. Probably another reason why I have to get up and walk every now and then.


Yeah, it probably is. I’m always getting up and just walking around aimlessly.


kawaii! XD


…sleep is also very hard to achieve when music is stuck in my head and my body feels an urge to discharge it. My foot and my hand will not stop. XD


I know the feeling lol and it sucks!


Exactly! Once we get some stuff for it, I wanna start bakin’ a lot. Everything shall be cat themed and have a “:3” on it! XD


Hi guys! I’m back from the dead!