Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



It does. XD


Welcome back!


I’ll lend you my logo lol XD


thanks! How have all of you been?


hey Heart! how are you?


Yay! I’m sure I can use it! XD


I’m pretty good. Just got my 16th chapter up (has it really gotten that long?) and my babies are just the sweetest beans and I’m so horrible to them. Whoops.


Good. I’m just incapable of sleep right now!


I understand, I torture my Character sometimes too. But it has to be done somehow and it’s painful to write XD


That’s a mood. I should go to sleep because I have school tomorrow, but I’ve missed being here, so I’m not asleep.


you totally can lol


Really? I don’t think it hurts. >:D


I should go to sleep because it’s late, but, nope! XD


Ray cover yours ears! It’s ok Mals didn’t mean what he said lol XD


Honestly. My poor babies. I had an awful thought for my plot and I actually said out loud, in a room to myself, ‘no that’s too awful. I can’t do that.’ So I don’t know. I’ll mull over that awful thing and decide when the time comes (a long way from now.)


Take some Benadryl lol


eh, sleep is for the weak anyway (Don’t believe me, I love sleep more than anyone.)


you do that. pats back


I mean everything I say! most of the time. XD


Same lol XD