Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



I don’t have any of that. Whatever it is. XD


Gosh, if you’re still reading and I do what I’m thinking about doing, you are going to haaaaaate me.


Melatonin works pretty well.


Sleep is the enemy. But, I cannot progress without it… stupid enemy. XD


Nah! I won’t hate you cause I’ve done the same for my character and well it does give out great results with readers lol There’s a price to pay everything to do with plot.


Melatonin? The hormone? …I don’t have quick access to that either. XD


it’s for allergies but with a heavier dosage it’ll help you sleep. It’s what people take sometimes to sleep.


There’s an over the counter drug called melatonin that is literally that hormone in a pill, which is why it’s so effective.


Ah, it’s got a retail mark. Probably isn’t available here, but, something of the same kind might be. Still, I don’t have any and I don’t like taking medicines unless I have to. I put off ibuprofen until my migraines get really bad. XD


I bought a on the counter sleeping pill from Spain made with Chamomile and it’s 100% organic. It doesn’t help me sleep but it’s worked on my mom and my sister. They sleep snap like that.


Hmm… I suppose it might work. But, my hormones are probably a mess at the moment. XD


Sounds like me lol


Ah, I’m not one for herbal remedies and such. I just fight whatever issue I have by myself. XD


Hello! Welcome back from the dead!


It must be a common thing! XD


This is one of them, not the one I bought in Spain but basically the same thing. image


But I also have ADD so… xD Idk if it’s like, connected or what lmao


What’s this?


Ahhh, I see.


I dunno. I don’t have ADD. I just feel an urge to walk sometimes. XD