Abby's Chit-Chat Bakery [ Batch 2 ]



That fine line of too tired to sleep, but too tired to write. Listen to some music.


I was listening to music, but I’ve been doing that all day and now I’ve given myself a headache. XD


My goodness, we’re exhausting all of my usual options!


Well I’m going to bed you guys, night! Hope you fall asleep soon or get some more sleep @TheMCOfficial ! <3


That’s how I tend to work. Almost all of my problems are unsolvable. XD


Good night!


Well, let’s play a question game. Ask me anything (not too personal)


Questions? Ahhh, that requires the use of my braaaaaaain. XD


Brain power!


Nope. There is no brain power tonight… or, should I start saying “this morning” now? XD


True, it’s now morning, so good morning! Fine, no brain games.
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Nope. No using my brain, it’s not working how it should. XD


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Gasp A sudden huge amount of tireness has just hit me! This could be my shot! I’m off to bed! See ya all later!


Hey abby can you put me in the list??


Good afternoon!


I. Sure can


I swear my brain and I hate each other. I’ve had the same song stuck in my head since last night. …I don’t even like it. XD


What song?