Ability to Like Comments on Works



I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this/say this, but I’d really love it if we could simply like comments on our work like we can like posts on threads.

There are some comments were there’s just not really anything you can reply with. Like when they comment, ‘haha’ or ‘lol!’ on a line. I want to be able to acknowledge the interaction, but I don’t really want to say, “IKR! Aren’t I-I mean, isn’t the MC so funny?” AWKWARD.

Right now, I simply reply to comments with a heart, which I know is basically the same thing. But being able to simply like a comment would allow writers to interact with readers without having to comment as well, so the number of comments would be more reflective of reader engagement.

Anybody agree? Or am I just nitpicky, haha!


Well, I feel like when I say thank you for all the comments left collectively & respond to the ones that are a conversation, it’s cool. I’d rather spend the time on commenting on their stories than pressing like. Also, someone had told me that WP ranking algorithm frowns on author commenting on her own work, and that includes replies to comments.


I agree! I’d really like such feature, even in the messages on the feed


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love to say thank you and interact with readers. And even if we did get a like button, I would still say thank you and interact where it works. But for me personally, a way to show readers that ‘hey, I see you!’ to every comment would be so wonderful.

Currently, I reply to comments and then leave thank you notes on their profile, and then I may check out one of their own works and leave some love.

I mean, this woul make sense. Which is precisely why I’d love to have a like button on comments, because it wouldn’t affect ranking at all.


Im all for this. Sadly, it’s been said it’ll never happen. Since wattpad doesn’t want to become a straight social media site, but stick to the writing and improving more so, they will not add this feature. People who work for wattpad have said it’s not gonna happen. :pensive: It sucks. We’re getting screwed by having to comment (which apparently hurts us) but if we don’t comment, readers feel ignored. And we all know we don’t want our readers to feel like that.


Uuuuugh that’s such a bummer!


Oh wow I didn’t know this! Do you know where they’ve said this before, because I’d love to read more about it. (I reply to every comment if I can, oops)


I know that @FantasybkLover said it on a thread. I can’t remember which one. But they know more than i do.


I do too. Even with this information, I still reply to every comment I can. I can’t not reply. I love and appreciate all readers and comments.


Honestly I’m more curious than anything else, I’m with you on appreciating the comments I get. It would be nice to know why it’s a negative for a writer to reply to their commentators though.


Something to do with spamming I believe. Because the algorithm takes into account comments on stories and when you reply to your comments, they assume you’re spamming to get a higher ranking. I could be off though, that’s just my guess.


That makes sense. Oh well, guess I won’t get ‘Wattpad famous’ I’ll just sit here appreciating the feedback I can get :woman_shrugging:


Not just me but also @TheMCOfficial


I can’t believe that they’d adjust the algotrithm to make it bad for us to interact with readers, but then not want to add in a liking feature! That’s so messed up.

Could you tell me more about that/drop a link to a discussion that covered it?


All my yes


Ugh! Right? I want to show a person I appreciate their comment but I do not want to reply! :roll_eyes: Can we please make this a thing? It is so akward!


If we are frowned upon when we do it how else do we show our appreciation?

I feel like it would still be showing gratitude by liking!
I totally agree with you @DomiSotto!