Ability to select what activity you show on your newsfeed

I’d love to have the ability to pick and choose what is shown to people following you on your newsfeed. I feel like I can’t properly and fully engage without restraint with other stories (votes, comments, adding to reading lists) or even respond to comments on my own stories. It would spam (probably annoy too) the people following me AND could potentially drown out important announcements/updates not only the ones that you post but that other people post. I know for announcements/updates there is a notification in a separate tab, but I don’t know about others, but seeing the updates on the newsfeed sometimes reminds me to actually check it out.

I’m thinking of creating a second account to go wild on comments and votes etc.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about it and people don’t actually care about the spam, but wasn’t the reason for removing the activity feed from our profiles so that we felt a sense of privacy? Or was it just a design update? Maybe there’s an option already to hide certain activity but I couldn’t find it. Then again, I’m kind of useless with technology.

So . . . Am I alone in this feeling? Probably lol :joy:

Do you often look at the feed and get anxious by the amount of seeing it clogged up with someone reading and voting a lot? I always try to imagine it from a different perspective (which is why I do less than 5 announcements a year, I’m afraid it bugs people the way I get bugged at the overuse of it).

I always forget the newsfeed exists, to be honest.

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Yeah, I do a little bit. It’s not that I’m annoyed when the people I follow have a burst of activity because it is their right to do what they please on their profile, I’m more annoyed that I have no choice but to see the activity. It could go both ways, choose what activity you want to see from others/what activity you want to present.

I try not to do many announcements either or when I do, and it’s not majorly important, I wouldn’t click the option for my followers to get notified about it.


People still use the newsfeed? Dang, I forgot that thing even existed…


See that’s the thing I don’t know if people use it :joy: I don’t want to annoy the hell out of people. Maybe it’s just my anxiety spiking needlessly. But say, even if people don’t, I think it could be cool to have the option there anyway

I don’t know how many still use it, but I doubt it would annoy people that much. Also, doesn’t it group the votes and stuff? Like “so-and-so voted on so-many chapters of blah-blah-blah” so if it’s spam votes, it probably all shows up under one or two posts.

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I think that’s true for votes, don’t think so for comments :thinking: I guess I’ll test it out and become more active and see if I lose that many followers :joy: I’ll just create another account if it bothers people

Looks like it’s the same for comments if they’re on the same chapter. (Cut the username off the image).

Oh that’s definitely a relief. Thanks for showing me that :slight_smile:

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They used to have an activity feed like that. It was shown on the profile page under conversations I believe until they removed it a few updates ago because of reader privacy. Or at least that and formatting issues are the two arguments I’ve heard for the reason of its removal.

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With that model the person could even delete activities I remember - but really that’s wasn’t forced on anyone to see if I remember right, like you had to go into their profile actively to see the activity I think? But with the newsfeed you don’t have a choice as of right now

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I feel you. I miss the profile activity bracket for that reason. I could curate what I wanted to see, but also use it to see if writers are active since the only way seems to be to look at a book on when they last updated, or follow them to see the newsfeed stuff.

I’ve always wondered what the point of it was, if theres an option NOT to announce to your followers. Seems weird to me, but maybe I overlooked a point or something.

I don’t think it does, at least not for comments and stuff. I checked mine out for first time in ages when I responded to this thread, and would only see two in a row from same author, but I’d see them scrolling down reading and comment/voting.

Is that on the app, too? I don’t pay a lot of attention to it, but its still a relief lol to know others aren’t seeing me blasted everywhere.

It is pretty weird but I can’t really complain about that, at least that way people who are seeking out updates can just look at the profile and those who don’t care won’t be missing out

Unless people comment on message board often and it gets lost without the pin that announcements come with, I guess. It’s a weird function to me, but I don’t use announcements often anyway.

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Oh that’s true, didn’t think about that. Maybe it’s just a way to have casual conversations instead of updates

Just thought of this, but maybe it does come with a pin since I’ve never used it without clicking the announcement thing.

IT DOES HAVE A PIN. Well, thats neat, I guess. Not sure of the function but I guess it could come in handy for people who aren’t me.


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I actually would have never discovered that I’m so bad with making my way around features lmao. Thanks for showing me that :joy: Might come in handy at some point

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I’m pretty sure you’re right about the deleting part so I’m guessing it was probably a formatting issues with the new design. Like I said, it was one of those two topics that I can remember they gave as the reasoning for removing the activity feed. But I’m not really the best one who can give a definite answer.

I’m still waiting for them to give us the option of custom recommendations like they said they would a few months ago :frowning:

Oh yeah sorry, it was a privacy issue too, I remember that, I just find it a little funny that it was a reason and yet they took away the option to delete activity feed, even if they did swap where you could see the activity :stuck_out_tongue: But only followers can see your activity which is something I guess so you’re right, the update does benefit the reader’s privacy in that sense.

Custom recommendations would be sooooo awesome. I see the same (straight cough cough aha) stories on my homepage and tbh that’s not my scene most of the time. It’s cool that at least that they plan on doing that

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They do have custom settings for notifications in the app (I’m not sure if it’s beta or what, but the options should be under settings for which notifs you want to receive) although, the options don’t seem to be working for me so maybe I need to update the app.

But I think it shows that there is a chance they could bring something similar back to the activity feed. I feel like reads and overall story activity has severely dropped since they removed the feed.

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