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feedback_notifs - This is feedback around notifications. Does it involve how you receive notifications and how you’re able to manage them. It’s notifications feedback!

feedback_ads - This is feedback around ads.

feedback_newsfeed - This is feedback around the newsfeed.

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General Book Discovery
Ambassadors - FAQs and AMA
Make "Notify My Followers" actually notify my followers.

Is there a topic already for the current plagiarism reporting feature? If so, I’ll reply there. If not, do I need to wait a certain number of days before starting a thread, or am I just not understanding how to do this?



@gabby I have a suggestion.

You can consider adding the pixel size (eg: 512 x 800) in this article so that it states the required sizes and clears the doubts for anyone when they upload pictures in their stories. Larger than normal pictures can trigger error messages from Wattpad, which may lead to confusion - https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201376654-Add-Media-to-your-Story

Underneath the third point. Something on the lines of this-
4. Use [pixel size] for best results.


This is great, thank you! Sorry for the late response. I’ll be adding this! :blush:

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#feedback_etc New look white background
There should be an option for the overall site as well as on the app in general to select a muted background, just like that choice is available while reading books in the app. I find my eyes get tired too quickly with it so brightly white. So a few options of background color for both the web app and the mobile apps, across the entire user platform (i.e. not just restricted to the reading experience) would be very much appreciated.


Kermorgan is gentle. The white background is WAY too bright. I think I’ll cry tears of blood for the rest of my life.

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