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Because MDC is a fast moving club, we need to keep things organised so people can find the things they need. Please take note of these simple guides

Multimedia Requesters

Are you looking for media for your story? You have come to the right place! The Multimedia Designs Club (MDC) is full of talented designers offering all sorts of exciting and interesting enhancements to give your story those finishing touches

If you do not have a specific designer in mind, please feel free to browse the Covers and Graphics or Book Trailers section of the Story Services club

Browse this club
for active at that moment shops who may be able to assist you with your graphic requests.

Only provide a link to your story when requesting a graphic/trailer. Do not use this club for advertising or exchanging reads, critiques or stories, there are areas in other clubs for that.

Please do not create your own request thread. This club is for graphic designers to advertise only.

In order to keep things organised in the club, we ask you to take note of the pinned threads. Please use the sections on the Designer Tools thread to link Designer Resources that will assist others in their designs.

Multimedia Designers

Are you a budding visual artist looking to express yourself through beautifully made book covers and drama-filled trailers? Well this is the place for you to offer your talented services to other Wattpad users or, for those of you who aren’t as experienced, solicit information on how to do so!

Wattpad is a positive community, keep it positive
Help people decide to choose you by emphasizing what you love to make rather than what you won’t make. If you don’t want to make a requested graphic, simply say you can’t take on the project. Everyone has the right to decline a project without having to provide a reason. And please remember that public "blacklists” are not allowed.

Keep the thread topic and discussions related to media
Chat threads or off-topic threads should take place in the Cafe or on your own message board.

Payments for media cannot be monetary in nature
and should be mentioned up-front. Examples of what you can ask are comments/feedback, follows, shout outs, attribution, reading list adds, and graphics/stickers. Votes are not allowed as “payments”.

As long as the designer’s payment has been met, the requester is not obligated to use the graphic, neither is the designer obligated to make another one.

Please help to provide an equal and fair opportunity for all discussions and refrain from excessively bumping.

Any media without a watermark will be considered public domain Please be respectful of designers and do not offer up other people’s creations as your own.

Designer Tools Pinned Threads

HTML Playground Please use this thread to test basic coding.

Hiring topics Please place an advert on the pinned thread. The advert can contain a link to a google doc or other form that the person applying would fill in. Accepted members can then be pm’d a link to a hidden staffroom or tagged on it.

Resources should be linked here
Resources are tools used by designers to create graphics and come in many forms. The main two are as follows:

  1. A single link. Threads with lots of bumps and chat to keep the thread at the top of the club will be closed and directed to the use pinned thread.
  2. A thread that is continually added to will be hidden but remain open and asked to supply a link on the pinned thread.

Promotion You may promote your shop and services in the Covers and Graphics or Book Trailers section of the Story Services club.

Please request to have your staffroom, example and coding threads hidden
in the Hiding Service.

The MDC tag list in the resources section of the pinned threads, can used if you wish to bring attention to your thread from particular users. You can also tag friends and regular customers on your shop thread, but please don’t add clutter to the club by creating a thread just to curate a list of random people.

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