About the Research category


Hey there and welcome to the Wattpad Research category!

This is a section where Wattpad HQ will pose questions and discussions as part of gathering feedback and research broadly about Wattpad. It can be anything on “Why do you add a story to your library?” to “What do you think is the perfect chapter length?” to “What compels you to send someone a public message?” and so on.

Staff are always listening and watching and definitely want to hear from you to help us better understand the world of Wattpad and of reading and writing here, so take the opportunity to have your opinion heard on a subject.


I love research. I’m in!

Who heads this up?


I just pictured you with grabby hands the second you saw this topic :laughing:


:rofl: lol. You know me so well!


So ordinary users won’t be able to create new topics on this category, right?


Count me in, Lauren :slight_smile:


Can regular users create research posts?


This category is honestly really dead…are any new topics going to be posted soon or not and again, are regular users ever going to be allowed to post topics?


I respect research and think alot of research has been into creating this forum… wow… credit is due… hats off. this is a very good design