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Welcome to the Science Fiction Share Your Story Club!

This is where you can share your Sci-Fi story in any one of the threads below!

Choose the main Science Fiction thread or choose one of the sub-genres you’d think your story best falls under and would like to advertise it in :alien:

You may post your story only once in the area, on one list, so choose wisely. If you have more than 1 story that fits the genre, you may put them together in the same post. Fanfiction must go in one of the Fanfiction lists.

If you’d like a sub-genre that isn’t currently here, feel free to drop me a PM :winterstars:

At the end of ONE WEEK, a moderator will close the SYS threads and start a new one

You are welcome to advertise again after one week. If you wish to advertise multiple stories, out of consideration for other posters please do not advertise more than five of your stories per SYS thread.

Please review the Club Guidelines before posting your advert!


:space_invader:: Copy your story link and paste it as a comment in one of the threads!

:space_invader: : Add your blurb and title into the comment!

:space_invader: : Add in your cover too!!

You are welcome to request read for read deals and feedback, but please do not mention votes. Mentioning votes could lead to vote for vote deals which is considered vote trading and not allowed on Wattpad.

If you reserve a post as a Placeholder for a future advert, you should update the post to include your story advert within 24 hours of the post’s creation. Placeholder posts which have not been updated within 24 hours will be removed.

Use this HTML code to post your cover image

<img src="IMAGE LINK HERE" width=300 />

You can also upload your cover from your device using the “upload” option on the top bar and then hyperlinking your story link to the image.


:winterstars: If you need any help, feel free to PM me! (@WinterStars)