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This is where you can share your story in a thread dedicated to your story type.

Please note:

  • This is the only place in Community where you can post your own story links.
  • A tag on your story must be identical to the thread you are advertising in.
  • You are allowed to post your story once per week.
  • Threads are refreshed weekly.

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Feel free to delete or edit however you want and change ownership :slight_smile: @KatherineArlene


Thanks! I’ll be playing around with these to see how best to set this up.


Are we doing the one link per day? I really don’t see any necessity for it. People are not going to be happy about having to come back ten times if they have ten stories. I have a hard enough time remembering to post after 24 hours.

@KatherineArlene - check my rules and see if they work?


I understand your concerns about the limit on links, and I’m willing to say we can allow two links per day. What I don’t want is for people to be able to post 10 stories in the first 10 comments of a particular thread and therefore rob others of the opportunity to be close to the top. If they can post two links per day, they can advertise 14 different stories per week. Yes, it’s inconvenient to come back every day, but it’s more fair to those who don’t live in the advantageous time zone when threads are refreshed.


And I gave me feedback in the short story thread. :slight_smile:


I can see a limit, sure. Is that one (or two) link per day per the entire club, a particular SYS , sub SYS or per thread? I’m thinking of Short Story - where there’s lots of subs.

Like if they have 4 short stories - one Horror, one Romance, one Adventure and one in Vampire, posting them all isn’t a big deal as one post in each thread.


Sorry it’s been so long for me to reply. I still think two story links per day is a good limit so people don’t get to have top spots in multiple threads.


Hello, I tried to share my story in the relevant category yesterday, only to get an error message saying that I was too new to the system to insert more than 5 URL… when, in fact, I inserted only two: one to my story page, the other to the cover. Even deleting the cover link didn’t help. So, as a result, for now I can’t share my story.
Any hint?


You’ve now reached the trust level it takes to be able to do that. It takes about 20 minutes of reading different posts and threads to get to that level.


You can advertise your story in the Share Your Romance thread. :katherinearlene:


I’m also confused about how this works. Seems odd to limit users ability to post about their work in the community specifically geared at doing so. How do I get to the trust level so I can post in the sharing thread with an image/link?


Welp, nevermind. Apparently posting about why I couldn’t post was enough to trigger my ability to post… so i guess problem solved :wink:


Where would one go to advertise an account? We have a critique service at the moment and are planning to have a book club, but we need to spread the word more before we can do so.


Yes, it takes about 20 minutes of reading in different threads to reach that level. :katherinearlene:


You can advertise both in the Story Services club. We have a Critique Services section, and a Book Club section.


Hi, is there any chance we could put a limit on the number of images put in to a SYS post? There’s some in there now that have 5 or 6 large images in that take a long time to scroll past. It doesn’t really seem to be in the spirit of things.


I don’t think we can. If someone wants to post all their stories together in one post or individual posts, it will take up the same amount of space.

To get to the bottom of the thread immediately, you can click on the time stamp at the bottom of the scroll bar. I navigate up and down threads all the time using those time stamps.

I hope that helps :katherinearlene:


For anyone actually looking for a story in SYS (does anyone even do that?) it makes the whole thing pretty unwieldy to have to scroll past 5 pictures and some mega-size font that someone with a complete lack of self-restraint has chucked in there to get to the next post down.

But hey, if that’s the way it goes, then I guess I’ll join in. How do you code for maximum size font?


We have never put a restriction on what people post in their SYS advertisements and won’t be starting now. Not only do we not see ourselves as the arbiters of what is aesthetically pleasing, we don’t have time to even attempt that kind of moderating. If you’re not enjoying looking through the advertisements to find a story you’d like to read ( :thinking: do you even do that??), you can use the search engine on the website.

If you’d like to attempt to turn off your own potential readers with your own ads, go right ahead. :katherinearlene: