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Yeesh, someone’s feeling snippy


That’s exactly what I was thinking. :katherinearlene:


You want to code for maximum fonts too??


Hey there,

Advertising is only allowed in the Share Your Story club. You can read the guidelines for posting in the clubs here.

If you’re looking for more readers and feedback, have you considered joining a book club or hiring a critic?

You can find them in our Story Services club along with a lot of other useful resources for authors.

I’ll go ahead and remove your post for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:


i want to share my story but i got lost here can i have a little help?


Hey is it possible to create a New Adult thread for SYS? If not, Can it be a subgenre somewhere? Maybe Romance?


I’ll tag @mitalyas who can create the thread for you. :katherinearlene:


Oh wow! Thank you!


Sorry for the late reply! I’ll add Young Adult on Saturday (tomorrow) so I can refresh all of them at the same time^^


New Adult AND Young Adult?


Those two generas would be great to have. :slight_smile:


It seems like the old Clubs html codes don’t work anymore. How do you center/color/etc. text now? Is there a list to use?


If you go into the MDC, you can find some tutorial threads in there that have instructions for basic coding. This is a really good thread Coding Resource Megathread


Yup, both^^



Is there somewhere I can go to have how this ‘Share Your Story Category’ works?

When I try to post on a thread that is clearly for sharing a story it tells me I cannot have more than five links even though I only have one for my story and one for my cover. Then it tells me that I am new and can’t post at all. I’ve been on Wattpad for five years and I used to post in the forum prior to the changes.

I find the entire thing confusing. Can someone please explain.




Never mind, I figured it. :blush:


I’m confused because you say per day, then per week. So are we only allowed to post once per week, or per day? And if the old thread closes, can you post again even if it hasn’t been a week yet?


We were going to put a limit on links so people could only post a link once per day, but we haven’t done that and may not. I’ll edit that out.

Yes, if it’s been less than a week and the thread has been refreshed, you can advertise again.

I hope that helps.

Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:


yes agree - I need new adult


I’m confused why I can’t post the way I use to on the share thread to promote my story