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It looks like you posted your advert a few hours ago. What problem are you having?


can I ask a question? how can I get a thread? if thats okay because I’m newbie in this community, can you help me?


Please help get my story out there!


It’s called Through the Thorns, wattpad is not letting me post the link because i’m “new” although I’m not new…so I don’t understand…


Yes, you can create a thread if you like. :katherinearlene:


You have to reach trust level one to be able to advertise your story. You can read about the trust levels here.


I’m not new though. I’ve been using Wattpad since 2015


This is a completely different platform from Wattpad. On here, you’re still at level 0. It takes about 20 minutes or so to reach level 1 which would allow you to advertise your story.


Hey there,

Advertising is only allowed in the Share Your Story club. You can read the guidelines for posting in the clubs here.

If you’re looking for more readers and feedback, have you considered joining a book club or hiring a critic?

You can find them in our Story Services club along with a lot of other useful resources for authors.

I’ll go ahead and remove your post for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Katherine - Community Ambassador :katherinearlene:


Hello! Quick question: I know that we can only post stories in the general category they belong to, like not post on Romance if they are filed under General Fiction. But is it ok to post the same story once Mature Romance, and once in Paranormal Romance?


You should only choose one thread to advertise your story each week. As long as you have a tag that matches the thread you’re posting in, you’ll be good. You can choose a different thread next week if you want your story to reach different eyes. :katherinearlene:


Hola! ¿Como puedo crear un hilo para publicar mi historia? Graciias! ¿Se puede publicar aqui?


Hello, can I advertise my open fanfiction (no fandom knowledge needed) in Action, Adventure or SciFi SYS threads? In the action, I see no FF allowed, yet I remember reading you can now post your story in any sub-genre threat too as long this story is posted only once.

Can you help me :thinking:


You can choose any thread that is the same as a tag on your story, but you’re only allowed to post your story once per week. You can choose a different thread in a week.



Por favor no anuncies tu historia aquí. Elige el hilo que coincida con el género de tu historia y pide a las personas que lo lean allí.


Katherine - Community ambassador :katherinearlene:


Thank you so much :slight_smile:



La publicidad solo está permitida en el club de Compartir su historia. Elige el hilo que coincida con el género de tu historia y pide a las personas que lo lean allí.


How did you end up being able to post? I’m new and having the same problem. Am I trying to post my story in the wrong place? I click on the share your story general fiction, click on general fiction again, and then hit reply but It says I can only advertise in the share your story thread… I thought that was where I was?


Oh oh nevermind!!! It was the trust level tripping me up. Sorry!


Yeah, I’ve been having the same problem… so do I just browse posts?? Or do I post myself??