About the 'Share Your Story' Club Icon



So, before I start complaining, let me just say I like the icons for the various forum clubs. Well done, whoever designed them - they are very nice.

But for the love of everything that is holy, I implore you, give the ‘Share Your Story’ club icon a transparent background.

For those who have no idea what I’m going on about, this is what I mean:

Every time I visit this website, that white space is like a slap to the face.

And yes, I do realise this is a small thing that doesn’t matter in the slightest - it still bothers me.
I also realise I can ‘fix’ this ‘problem’ by turning off the dark theme, but I like the dark theme because it doesn’t have a tendency to burn out my eyes at night. Besides, the other icons don’t share this white background, so I doubt it’s intentional.


I full-heartedly agree. The aesthetic matters.


Headcanon: it triggers OCD in Rayni


I have no idea what you are talking about, but I will take it as support.


OCD? No, this is a discussion on eye strain. With a sense of humor like yours, you might fare well in our other threads, in which smart asses are more than welcome and in fact beloved.

Though I’d consider it a personal favor if you kept future comments on-topic. No one likes a thread that’s been taken off its course. Don’t you agree?


You always find the most important things to complain about.


You are about the last person I expected to try to keep any thread on topic, Grecious.

And yes, what else would I complain about but important things, eh? : )




That’s all I ever do.

Absolutely nothing. It isn’t worth it otherwise. I’ll also add that my eyes suffer similarly from this logo, but unlike you, I enjoy the dissonance. It reminds me that these threads are a place for conflict, not harmony.



: D I love it when you get poetic.






(Although a smidgen off topic)

The Genre Clubs icon also could use a fix.



I assumed this was intentional. If not, I second this.


Intentional or not, it somehow bothers me.

But we could go on for a long time if I were to comment on each design choice, so I will not continue to seek change for this icon.


You are welcome to share your opinions if you want to, Elaine. : ) Unless you’d rather start your own thread to complain.


Why thank you. But there is something to be said about picking your battles.


I’m surprised this hasn’t turned into a movement for real, lasting change yet.


I am a little disappointed by the lack of people fighting me.


You should’ve pointed out the suggestive shape of the logo.


It isn’t suggestive. It just looks like a pencil.