About the 'Share Your Story' Club Icon



Of course.


I should become a mod just to fix this. (I’m joking, I’m not certain mods have the power to do this)

There. I did the work for you all, now you just have to switch it out.

Edit- This was a little extreme, I’m slightly remorseful. But not enough to delete it.


Oh my, I didn’t expect you to do that. But I am certain they won’t fix it anyway.


…So whoever designs this website went through the trouble of changing it up, only to ignore the problem with the icon? And made the website background even darker, to make my headache even worse?

Well played.


I see you, WP


I can’t believe how many opportunities I am getting for adding more and more complaints towards this topic, but alas here we go again.

The new icons are… horrendous. I am sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true. While the logo of this website is a very subjective topic, I am willing to guess that few people will find these better than before. Not to mention they don’t go with the style of the rest of the website.

But I suppose there is no white background, anymore, so the silver lining is that these icons actually work like they are supposed to.


I can barely make out what they are. They definitely need more contrast. Also, the choice of images could be better. I miss the minimalistic icons.

The one that I have the most problem with is the bell for story services. I’m not your bellhop. I’m not your server, or waitstaff. So don’t ding that bell for me, I ain’t answering to that.


Hah, I sense some resentment.


Your senses are accurate