About the Share your story - Fanfiction threads


Maybe it is just me, but this is something that bothers me and has been bothering me for quite a while.

I think Game fanfictions should have their own Share your Story thread.

As of right now, game fictions are together with Tv-series, Movies, Books and Anime.
Which I find odd to be honest.
Game fanfictions feel like the odd one out in that combination.

Also, it is quite difficult to find a game related fanfiction in that thread.
(Personally, I could care less about TV, Movie and Anime fanfiction and usually only check it for game fanfictions.)

Anyways, this is just a thought, but what I felt worth mentioning.


As most games are unique stories, I think you make a good point. I’ll tag @durriza :durriza: since she’s in charge of the fan fiction SYS threads. :katherinearlene:


I haven’t seen much of the games fanfiction around, maybe they are less out there, that’s why I have singled out everything in one thread.


I write game fanfictions! I re-create the story in novel form for people’s enjoyment.