About the The Pub - FAQs and Rules about your Gran


Written by members and club moderators. Are you new to the Pub? Then please read this FAQ before you post!..

The Granny Rule

This rule trumps all others. Generally, try not to post anything that you wouldn’t say in front of your own Granny (or possibly your best mate’s Granny if your own is rather broader minded). Please avoid debates about people’s opinion on religion and politics or anything that can be viewed as potentially hostile or overtly offensive towards other users. We like a quiet pint in here. Thank you

Q1) Can anyone come into the pub?

A) Yes! The Pub is for everyone, but bear in mind you may find a few more mature folks hanging around in dark corners muttering into their drinks.

Q2) Can I just go ahead and post the first thing that pops into my head?

A) There are lots of clubs on Wattpad. If you think there’s a more appropriate club for your chosen topic of discussion, go post it there first. If you think the discussion will fit with the general pub ethos, post it here. If you’re not sure, see Q3.

See also, the Granny Rule, but a few examples of threads that might not be considered helpful (and may be removed) are threads advertising stuff, explicit or sexual material, trolling of people you don’t know, “let’s chat” or “I’m bored” threads, dating threads… list is not exhaustive…

Q3) Should I ‘lurk moar’ before I post in The Pub?

A) Yes. Check out what other people are talking about before you start a new discussion so you have some idea of the sort of Pub you’re about to hang out in.

Q4) Can I promote my epic new story here?

A) No.

Q5) Can I promote somebody else’s epic story here?

A) No.

Q6) Can I talk about books that interest me or Wattpad stories that interest me without providing links and so long as they aren’t my books or stories, or in a way that’s considered or might be misconstrued as advertising?

A) Yes. But seriously, no links or adverts ok and don’t try and get around it or be clever, the clubs Mods have seen it all before…

Q7) My mom met my dad in a pub. Does that mean I can ask for cyber-girlfriends or boyfriends in here?

A) No.

Q8) Can I get a beer?

A) Sure, they’re fat and alcohol free. But avoid the complimentary peanuts. They’ve been hanging around a while and you may have to fight the doorman for them.

Welcome to the Pub.

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