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The genres club just vanished. And I can’t put my discussion in the mystery/thriller category


@LaurenLeto is it possible to add a mature section for these threads where people under a higher age limit can’t enter?


I was ignored >~>


A lot had changed since I made my first account @lilheartgirl (had the account before the sign in changed) now I have this account don’t know how to get my old account @/lilheartgirl back as a lot had changed on here since I joined thr beginning of when this was created… Can anyone help with that?


@lilheartgirl1 check this thread

And this one


Okay and thank you :slight_smile:


Please for the love of god put a link to this on the wattpad page. Not the one on the cafe forums or whatever, an actual, NOTICEABLE link. Please.


There is a link. In the community drop down the clubs link has been replaced with community. Clicking on that brings you straight here.


What has happened this this? It’s awful, confusing and messy. None of it makes sense anymore, it’s hard to tell what anything is and what it does.
I just tried to share my story in the “share my story” section and it would let me add a picture, saying I can’t post more than five links because I “haven’t been here long enough”.
I want it back to how it was, with less rules.


Because of some spam bots we had the other day, they had to set up some rules where brand new users can’t post links. It’s really simple to get to the next trust level and once you gain that level then you’ll be able to post links and pictures.

Simply do the following and your level will go up:

  • enter at least 5 topics
  • read at least 30 posts
  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

This is to stop the bots from creating accounts and spamming the threads. A spam bot won’t go through any of those steps, but a normal user will.


“Enter” doesn’t mean “create.” It means "to open 10 different comments and read some of the posts.


I just cut and paste from discourse’s blog. That’s how they have it. Well they say entering but that seemed weird to me so I just took out the ING, outside of that I changed nothing.


I was just clarifying, because I was confused about the verbage a few days ago, and I’ve seen a few others confused with it. Figures it was app vocabulary. :roll_eyes:

No worries.


Yeah it’s not very clear to me either :laughing: but the rules for here are different now anyway (which I actually didn’t know so I’m definitely glad I asked Katherine to post an official thread about it) so my post is now obsolete :laughing:

But yeah to say “enter” instead of “view” seems weird. View seems a little more straight forward IMHO


I’m not a brand new user, I’ve been here since 2014? And I’ve seen people who have joined this year post links.


Your wattpad join date unfortunately has no baring on these clubs. So according to this software’s rules you are a new user.

Katherine typed up a full explanation of trust levels and how to reach them since there’s been some modification from the discourse defaults (which were the numbers I copy and pasted) Once you reach the requirements to move up to the next trust level you’ll be able to post links.


Oh, a new member in the community. Thank you.


No problem. It’s definitely a bit of an adjustment since people are used to their wattpad date being the same as their clubs date. So just spend some time reading threads and you’ll get to that next trust level in no time. They made it easy enough a genuine user can get there, but a spam bot won’t be able to.


Definitely an adjustment but fair enough, though I think the layout is more of an adjustment than the levels lol