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Just holler if you need help. A lot of us have been here since the beta so we’ve got it down fairly well (though probably ask in the cafe in the Ask an Ambassador thread so not to derail this thread) so we’re always happy to help people as they’re trying to adjust. There is a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it you’ll hopefully love it same as I did. Only thing I can still honestly say I hate is infinite scroll :laughing: but even that I’ve learned to live with.


Is wattpad the one writing community on the internet that doesn’t let you schedule posts? Or, am I missing something?


I’m sorry, but I have a problem creating a new post - there’s no button to create a new post. I’ve verified my email, I’m not a new account and I’m not in the beta program. There is only a button with an “O” where usually the “New Post” button is on Discourse-based forums:

I’m not allowed to put an image in a post to show you what I mean (why?), hell I can’t even put ONE link in this reply, so here is what I am looking at (remove the spaces to get the URL for the screenshot):

https:// i.imgur. com/ Ff3v2Zr. png

This forum is really hard to use. All I can do is reply to a post but I can’t create a new one - help? I’m not sure why this is… maybe I’m too new for Discourse? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Oh this is just great. I can’t even complete the tutorial with the auto-robot because I’m blocked from posting images or links of all kind and if I don’t complete the tutorial I am blocked from creating posts. An endless loop of misery. Also, why do I need a tutorial in the first place, I know how to use the internet for petes sake.

EDIT2: Okay, apparently you can create posts when you just spam the RobotAmbassador bot long enough with messages until you get enough “points” for replying so that the Stage-0 ban (on posting images, links and new posts is “lifted”). But damn, this sign-up process is broken.


maybe you should read this. It could help you.


Hello, I’m new to the site and I haven’t found my way around the site yet and don’t understand how most things work just yet, not even entirely sure if I should be asking it here, but I honestly have no idea where else to ask.
I tried posting my story on the ‘share your story’ forum, but for some reason it doesn’t let me post the quick summary with a photo, can someone perhaps help a newbie out?


This might help you.

In 1 minute you shouold be able to post pictures and links


I am hoping this helps so that I can finally post in here, seems I can only reply but I see others are having the same issue.


I would like to put forward an idea for a new feature. Polls.
It would be nice for writers like us to interact with our readers and also get help from them too by making a poll.

E.g Would you like to see more scenes with Zach. Yes? / No?

Then the followers/readers would choose either Yes or No.

I hope this can happen :slight_smile:


I think it was already made. (Sorry if i posted this after you found out about polls but, i just wanted to let you know)

  • Yes
  • No

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thanks for letting me know : )


No problem but, your Trust Level SHOULD be Basic in order to post polls and images.
More information:


I think you are always able to create polls. You don’t need any trust level for it


For me, my new account wasn’t able to post polls or images. I have tested on my brand new alt account yesterday and i couldn’t post polls or images until i reached Basic level. When i reached Basic Level, i was able to post images and polls.


Interesting. Thx


Hey Wattpad staffs. We need to talk about the massive changes to this website:
What am I looking at here? Why does the site look like a mess? It took me quite some time to at least know what to do on this new look of the Wattpad Community site, in which I heavily don’t like. Not because of the confusion of its massive change. It’s because of it not allowing me to advertise my story in the “Share Your Story” thread, properly. For instance, when I tried to upload my fanfic advertisement, I came across a message stating that I can’t put images on the post, even though everyone else in the thread has images in their post. And I can’t put more than five links, even though I only included one link in the advertisement and that’s my fanfic.

This change didn’t need to happen. The community site was fine the way it was before. With me being able to navigate from place to place easily and being able to advertise my fanfic on the “Share Your Story” thread through a simple copy and paste link (the link being the image coding link). The way it is now doesn’t seem like it’s going in the right direction, for me. Unless you staffs fix this issue later on in time, I doubt I’ll come back to the community site to explore there and advertise my story. Thank you for taking your time reading this.


Anyone who just joins these new clubs starts out at level 0 and need to make it to the basic user level before they can post links and images. This is to fight off the spam bots that unfortunately plagued the site as soon as it became official. You can read more about trust levels here:

The first level is really easy to reach so that any real user is going to make it in no time. It just has to be there to fight off the spam bots.


I am honestly not a fan of the new way they designed the club forum. It is much more confusing, much more difficult to navigate and is not visually pretty or engaging as was the previous design. Hope my comment is taken into consideration when you may think about new designs and layout for the site.


I’d like a scene divider function if it’s okay. Been asking at Friends of Wattpad in Slack.
Fanfiction.net has one. Been hoping for one for some years.

Oh, and centered text doesn’t save after I paste text from Open Office. Really annoying.
Had to use some trick to make it work.

Also, I still don’t get how to use accents for letters, but that may be impossible.
Posted a topic in the old clubs, but it’s gone now (I guess). Got replies directing me to a website to copy and paste from. But maybe you need to reconfigure your computer settings or something.



I see. That’s very unfortunate that the site has to change so drastically because of the spam bots. I guess its previous simplicity had no defense to fend off against the bots. It’ll take me some time to get used to this new style of Wattpad Community site, now.

Also, apologies for late response. Was so busy focusing on other things in my life that I forgot about going back here to check on the replies I received. Thanks for the answer and have a wonderful day.


Not a problem on the late reply. I understand completely. It’s a shame there are so many bots out there it ruins things for the honest people. But the good news is they do make it so the first trust level is very easy to reach for normal users, it’s just an inconvenience to have to do it.