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hey, I can’t seem to find the ‘clubs’ place. I go under “community” and all I see is “community” “writing contest” etc. but no clubs tab. please help, I have researched and nothing fixes it. is this the “club” because for me, it says community.


This is the clubs so you’re in the right place, but now they’re called Community.


I’m sure this has been suggested before, but I would absolutely love a “queue” feature for writers. Especially for those of us who work/attend school/travel, updating can kind of slip through the cracks, so pre-loading chapters and having them scheduled to go live a certain day/time would be amazing!


I have a question.

How often are the threads updated?


I would like the option to see a story’s total word count. To me, word count matters more than the number of parts a story has, which is a supported search feature that doesn’t provide as much meaningful information in my opinion. It’d also be helpful, because then I would know how many words I’ve written so far, whereas right now I have to add it all manually.


Also, when I write on the app with my favorite font, Kohinoor, I am unable to use italics. This is very frustrating. Actually, a lot of the font faces that are built into the Wattpad app lack the ability to italicize. It’s a weird issue, and I feel like it’s one that should be easy to fix.


One more thing, it’d be cool if the web version of Wattpad allowed the use of different fonts and font sizes, and reading modes (such as dark mode). These functions are already available in the app, so it would make sense if they were brought over to the web.


Why can’t i find poems in the poetry section?? most of the books there are either novels or stories??!


I’m not sure if this complaint is supposed to be posted here, but I can’t upload pictures (my book cover) in my post. Please give me a solution if I’m doing anything wrong.


You may not have the right trust level to upload a photo to a post, you have to be a certain trust level to do that.