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Yes, they get notified when you post :slight_smile:

It’s your call, to be honest. The days and time zones for posting are unique to each one of us. It’s all about balancing your writing schedule and the updates/new content.

Thank you for your help!

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Here is what I don’t understand and am very upset about. I’ve been a member of Wattpad’s website for around six years now. I have used the SYS threads many, many times over the years as a way to promote my writing. I have used the Improve Your Writing threads as well. I’ve not had access to a computer in a while and was not able to do much posting on either Wattpad’s main site or in this community section. Now that I have the access to do so, I am being told that I am a “new user” (If a user who joined Wattpad in 2013 is “new,” I’d love to know how many years I need under my belt to no longer be “new”) and am not allowed to post links because of this. Why is this? How many years do I need to be a member of this website to no longer be new?

Unfortunately you’re a new user as far as these forums are concerned. Because of spammers trust levels had to be implemented on the clubs. It’s easy to get to the next trust level needed to be able to post links, but if you’re inactive too long you’ll drop down trust levels. You can read more about them and how to gain the level needed to post links here

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So … as a writer you have been writing alot of text…
then one day you notice: “Oh! i spelled that word wrong the whole time!”
or "I am going to change the name of “insert-name-here” …

but then I need to scan and fish out all the little words everywhere on many of my chapters!
Is there anywhere in the wattpad writing platform the options as in normal Microsoft Words:

  1. a search button/engine? for easily typing in and finding words?
  2. the option to highlight words for yourself in your writing in different colours that won’t show up on your published work.

Did I overlook it? Or is it not there? And if not - why not? Especially the search engine would be handy

Hi there. I got eight books on Wattpad and all are ranked but one. Why is “95 fois sur 100” not ranked ?

Hey there :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. You can have a look at this thread for more info-

Here’s a thread on how to use the forums-

You can ask for any help here-

Regrading story rankings, you can read these articles for more info- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201410220-See-Story-Ranking

The rankings are broken and the Wattpad technical team are working on them. You can read this article for more info- https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020647491-Tags-rankings-not-working

P.S: I’m not an Ambassador, just some random user :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, Im new to the wattpad writer scene, I hope this is the place for this.

I would love to have a feature where you can pre-publish a chapter for certain followers. For example, I’m writing the last book of my trilogy and I want to get some feedback as I write it but I dont want to publish it for everyone to see. I’m aware most of the writers with a bigger following have certain followers who are extremely loyal and give amazing feedback so I feel like this type of feature would really work.
This could also work for writer who have patreon or something of that style and want to give access to their story faster to those reader who support them.