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Here is where you can promote your competitions/contests! Please only post one advertisement per contest.

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Help people decide to choose your contest by emphasizing what stories you accept rather than what you won’t accept. If you don’t want to accept an entry, simply say you can’t accept it. Everyone has the right to decline an entry without having to provide a reason.

Prizes should be mentioned up-front. Examples of what you can offer are comments/feedback, follows, shout outs, reading list adds, and graphics/stickers. Votes are not allowed as “payments” so please do not mention votes/stars/likes in your advertisement. Monetary payment and off-Wattpad payment (eg. a follow on other site) are not allowed either, so please refrain from mentioning it.

If you’d like to have your thread permanently closed, please flag the first post of your thread using the ‘Something Else’ option and ask for a moderator to close it. You can find out how to use flags here. Any threads that are inactive for over 30 days will be removed by the moderators.