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So I’m feeling like making some playlists today…let’s see how this goes! If you’d like a playlist, just fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Title of Book
Book Description
Music Genre
Artist/Example Songs
Number of Songs (up to 40)
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?
Spotify or YouTube delivery?
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only)
Anything else?


Name of Character/Ship
Character/Ship Description
Title of Book
Book Description
Genre of Music
Artist/Example Songs
Number of Songs (up to 40)
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?
Spotify or YouTube delivery?
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only)
Anything else?

All playlists are free, but if you like your playlist, a read or comment on any of my books would be highly appreciated. Thank you for visiting my shop! :smiley:


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Username: Darkling Darling
Name of Character: Charles King
Character Description: Highest ranking demon of Hong Kong’s soul trading business. He is a reformed demon and after killing his brother years ago, he promised himself he would never ever kill again.
He’s a businessman and devious, but not super evil or awful. He has a very dark and glamourous high class aesthetic, but inside he’s tired of all of the traveling and flashing lights and just wants to be loved and forgiven for the sins and impure being that he has become. His main goal is to be forgiven for his sins and to become pure, although he’ll try to deny it
Title of Book: Darkling
Book Description: A book about a demon who falls in loves with an angel, who tries to become a better person so he can deserve her
Genre of Music: Alternative and maybe a little hard rock, nothing too intense.
Artist/Example Songs: Kamikazee by MISSIO and Glory and Glore by Lorde
Number of Songs (up to 40) 40!
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Of freak yes
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Anything else? No thank you!

@epichorn31 done :wink:



Username- Demonix
Name of Character- Ivory/ Ivy
Character Description- My character is sweet and gentle and kind. She’s very soft mannered and indecisive and genuinely the nicest person you’ll ever meet. However, she’s a kleptomaniac and has a problem with taking things that aren’t hers out of genuine curiosity. However, she truly doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body and just wishes to be noticed for who she is, and taken seriously even though she has a warm heart. I would love songs that display her sweet natured personality as well as her klpetomania and stealing (without it sounding like shes a bad person, she has no bad will when she takes things!)
Title of Book- Addict
Book Description- Ivory is put into a mental asylum and suffers from being a kleptomaniac. She begins to fall in love with the girl in the next cell, and starts to discover that she’s not weak just because she has a gentle heart.
Genre of Music- Sweet and soft pop and alternative
Artist/Example Songs: Kill em with Kindness- Selena Gomez, Honey- Khalani
Number of Songs (up to 40) 40 if you can :slight_smile:
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? No I would prefer not. She’s very soft natured and I don’t see her listening to songs with swear words
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Anything else? No thank you!



Username: DemonixBeauty
Name of Character: Cole Barrow
Character Description: Cole was given a second chance at life, able to hear the voices of the dead that haunt him day and night. He has become very paranoid and scared, feeling weak and betrayed by his own sense. He has a duty to his people and tries to appear strong and mighty, but is terrified of the visions and voices that haunt him.
Title of Book: Haunted
Book Description: Dead one minute… alive the next. Cole Barrow is given another shot at life, breaking out of his coffin and breathing life back into his dead body. But death isn’t letting him go quite yet. Scared by visions and whispers of the dead, Cole is determined on finding a way to make the terrifying apparitions stop. At whatever cost.
Genre of Music: Alternative but also hard rock. Not too much though!
Artist/Example Songs: Afraid- The Neighborhood, Ghosts- Banners, Staying up- The Neighborhood
Number of Songs (up to 40) 40 :slight_smile:
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Oh yes!!!
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Anything else? No thanks


@DarklingDarling @DemonixBeauty

Thanks for the requests! It looks like you two would like character playlists (as opposed to a playlist for your entire book), which require a little bit of extra information. I’m going to edit the first post to add a separate form for these playlists, which I would like you to fill out once it is posted. Also, I’m adding a queue to the first post to help me organize your requests. Thanks again! :smiley:


Username: Ravenglimmer

Name of Character: Darla Darling

Character Description: High class socialite. She loves to be glam and fabulous and beautiful, but deep down is insecure and struggles with extreme daddy issues. Her dad has ignored her all of her life and hates her, though she’ll never stop trying to be perfect for him. She just wants to be loved, but puts up this glamour and sparkly attitude to throw people off. I would love to have songs representing both of these personalities!

Title of Book: Witch

Book Description: Darla is enrolled at a school for witches, learning about the power within her and learning to love and accept herself

Genre of Music: Popish? Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, Halsey, and other artists like that who have “tragic girl” songs?

Artist/Example Songs: Diamonds by Rihanna, Primadonna Marina and the Diamonds, Confident Demi Lovato, Prom Queen Molly Kate Kestner, Daddy Issues The neighbodhood

Number of Songs (up to 40) 40

Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? yes of course

Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify

Anything else? Sorry for filling out the wrong form! Here is a picture of her so you can get an idea of her aesthetic


oops, looks like mine is a character playlist too! Sorry :joy:


@DarklingDarling @DemonixBeauty @RavenGlimmer

I edited the first post - please revise your form so that it includes the requested information.



Username: @LostNeverland4
Title of Book: Beauty of a Crimson Soul
Book Description: A man getting into a car accident and survives by a miracle. Now with a guardian angel, he has to change or else he will end up in hell.
Music Genre: indie pop? Whatever genre Sam Tuissez (i think his name) plays in. Im bad at this.
Artist/Example Songs: Sam Tuissez (oh gosh I’m butchering his name). One of his songs I got was Far From Home and it fit the MC of this book perfectly.
Another song example is Can I Exist by MISSIO.
Number of Songs (up to 40): 30-40, depending on how many you want and can easily find.
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes.
Spotify or YouTube delivery? YouTube.
Anything else? It’s a dark fantasy romance with heartbreak. The MC is an angel who falls for him. She is strong and tries not to be sad but eventually, her death gets to her. She wants to live again. The male MC is a bad boy. Yes. He is.

Thanks in advance!



Username: Minxatious

Name of Character: Samuel Broods

Character Description: Class clown, funny man, respected solider and leader of the guard. He’s brave and fearless, but he’s learned not to take life too seriously. He’s a total class clown. Through the series he is infected with a disease and slowly starts to die, his cheery mood holding out till the very end. He’s in love with the bad guy of the story, and does his best to be honorable and strong and stay away

Title of Book: Kingdom of Thorns

Book Description: A kingdom built on lies and deceit, my character works as the captain of the guard, fearless and badass but not all clustered up with his feelings.

Genre of Music: Indie pop?

Artist/Example Songs: I haven’t been able to come up with any songs… hence me being here xD Hopefully your suggestions will allow me to get into my characters head a little better! But artists like The Neighborhood or The Killers and 1975 I guess?

Number of Songs (up to 40) As many as you can find, I know I’m not giving you a lot to work off here :slight_smile:

Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes

Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotifyy

Anything else? Thank you for considering



Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:



Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Note: One of the songs that you used as an example song turned out to be explicit, even though you said that you preferred that I avoid explicit songs. I included this song anyways, but all other songs on this playlist are clean.



Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:



Here is your playlist! I admit that I’m more of a rocker than a pop fan, but I did my best. I hope you enjoy it anyways! :smiley:



Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Thank you so much!


You’re welcome :smiley:


Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:



Username: Vexful
Name of Character: Jude Deveraux
Character Description: Jude is the secret villain of the story, who isn’t revealed until the end when he kills one of the main characters. He’s been secretly working for his father and his corrupt organization the entire time, split between what he’s supposed to do and what he wants to do. He feels like a fraud, and his father is extremely abusive, both mentally and physically. He’s also struggling with his sexual orientation and comes across as extremely cocky, charming, and a total ladies man to hide the fact that he’s gay. His whole character is based on being able to change into what other people want him to be, and he’s not even sure of what he wants/who he really is.
Title of Book: Darkening Seduction
Book Description: A book about demons and hunters with strong gothic themes.
Genre of Music: Pop Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock
Artist/Example Songs: The songs are below, and ones that I already have for the character, so I’d appreciate you not putting them on the playlist because I’m trying to find new songs :slight_smile:
Number of Songs (up to 40): 40 if you can find them :slight_smile:
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Oh please do
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Anything else?


oh yes!!! I’m so excited to listen to these, thank you!