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Username: Poweratsea
Title of Book: Casadona
Book Description: In the deserts of Casadona, anything can happen. It starts the night four friends watch one of their own fall off a roof and miraculously survive. Eli, Vale, Jerome, and Nicoli now have to navigate the horrors that follow them in the darkness as they race to figure out what happened to Samuel, who should be dead. But strange events are haunting their every move and none of them can explain it. Even worse, Samuely still hasn’t woken up after his fall and he’s the only clue they have to understanding what Casadona truly is…
Music Genre: Indie/Indie Pop/Pop
Artist/Example Songs: New Girl FINNEAS, The Voices by MARG, Pretend Alicks, I Saw Your Eyes Close by Local Natives, Good Days by Smoke Season, Laser Gun by M83,
Number of Songs (up to 40): honestly as many as you want, not picky, more than ten though I guess?
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?: yes
Spotify or YouTube delivery?: spotify!
Anything else?: I’m trying to get a rebellious teen stuck in a cryptic cali town. Have fun with that. Neon sound if that even makes sense?



Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


omg gonna listen to it now!! thanks!


You’re welcome! :smile:


Username xuxiwon

Title of Book

Book Description

Music Genre hiphop, rap

Artist/Example Songs uproar by lil wayne, throw a fit by tinashe, phresh out the runway by rihanna, kream by iggy

Number of Songs (up to 40) 30? how many would be fine :smiley: hahaha

Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? yes pleaseee, the more badass and arrogant,the better

Spotify or YouTube delivery? spotify

Anything else? can you this or any picture similar as the cover


Oh man, I’m not good with rap playlists at all. I’ll do my best though!


I’m sure I’m gonna like it anyways! goodluck!



Username: Vexful‬
‪Title of Book: Darkening Seduction‬

‪Book Description: ‬Aila Vex’s blood runs black.
She’s been searching for the answers to her mysterious bloodline for the past two years, killing any demons that stand in her way. But after a mission goes wrong, the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted. Whisked away to a sanctuary called The Black Order by the stubborn - but noble - Damien Hawthorne, Aila will need to resist the dark urges of her blood and aid the Order in their fight against her kind: the demons.
War looms on the horizon, one that will take all of Aila’s strength to fight as she attempts to find her true place in the world. Torn between siding with Damien and his hunters, or letting loose the darkness flowing through her veins, Aila knows it’s only a matter of time before the demons come to claim her as their own.

‪Music Genre: Alternative, hard rock, indie pop‬
‪Artist/Example Songs- Artists like Ruelle, Digital Daggers, Sam Tinnesz, Imagine Dragons, Royal Deluxe, MISSIO, Zayde Wolf, The Neighborhood, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, The Score, Daughter, Theory of a Deadman, Bohnes, Florence and the Machines, Bastille, Tommy Profitt, + more I can’t think of right now‬
‪Number of Songs (up to 40) 40!‬
‪Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? :heavy_check_mark:
‪Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify ‬
Anything Else: Themes of Discovery, feeling lost, discovering the power within, new love, etc.


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Thank you so much. I love a lot of the songs on there and I’m sure I’ll love the other ones I haven’t heard yet😊.


You’re welcome :smiley:


Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:



Username: sylviawolfe

Title of Book: Calling Upon Death

Book Description: After Death decides to take a vacation, five people must go on a journey to find him and convince him to come back and do his job.

Music Genre: action/upbeat

Artist/Example Songs: the score, panic at the disco “high hopes”, stuff like that

Number of Songs (up to 40): up to 30

Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes

Spotify or YouTube delivery? Youtube

Anything else?: The songs would be ones to motivate a group to keep walking and keep going on a hard journey, so upbeat and fun


Oh my god I really like it! There’s a bunch of songs I haven’t heard before so I’m excited to listen to them all and the ones I have listened to fit so well!


I’m glad you like it! I was worried that it was a little bit punkier than what you requested, but I’m really glad that you’re enjoying it anyways.


No i’m fine with that type of music so it’s alright


Hey everyone! I’m thinking of editing the character playlist form so that it includes ship playlists and adding a question to both forms about playlist image, so that Spotify requesters can choose their own playlist image. What do you guys think of these changes?


I tried my best…

Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it! :smiley:


I like these changes a lot!