Absinthe Playlists (Free and Open!)



Ok I made some changes to the form. If you’re currently waiting on a playlist (I think this only applies to @Vexful and @SylviaWolfe) you do not have to change your form, unless you want to. New requesters should use the new forms.


Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:

I swear I just stole half of these from my swim playlist xD


Love it!


Thanks - glad you like it! :smiley:


It’s funny cause I know so many of these songs, I just had no idea what their names were XD


I just wanted to say I’ve been stalking this thread because your taste in music is :ok_hand:


Thank you! :smiley:


Currently listening to this playlist, and you did so great! :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it :smiley:



Username- Darklingdarling
Name of Character/Ship- Vivian Blackthorn (PLAYLIST NAME: The Seductress)
Character/Ship Description- Vivian is a cold seductress who will use any means to seduce her targets. She is sexy and callous and a complete heart breaker who only looks after her own interests
Title of Book- Darkling
Genre of Music: Alternative
Artist/Example Songs- Paint it Black- Ciara, A Little Wicked- Valerie Broussard, Hurricane- Halsey, Rival- Ruelle, Bad Intentions- Digital Daggers, Horns- Bryce Fox, How far does the dark go- Anya Marina,
Number of Songs (up to 40) 40 please
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only) https://i.pinimg.com/564x/67/36/2a/67362a849e2fb571a85634739034c577.jpg
Anything else? I would love if you could help me find some new songs, the ones above are songs I have already!


thanks if you accept!



Quick note - this thread accepts all requests. I will give an honest attempt for all playlists, although it might take a while if a lot of people have requested before you. To see the status of your playlist at any time, check the queue in the first post.



Username: C_P_Addams
Name of Character/Ship: Bella Swan
Character/Ship Description: A shy teenage witch with a love of horror novels and punk music
Title of Book: Mortality
Book Description: a complete rewrite of the first Twilight novel with new characterizations and characters.
Genre of Music: Punk/Alternative
Artist/Example Songs: Paramore, Rise Against, Muse
Number of Songs (up to 40): At least 10
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?: Of course
Spotify or YouTube delivery?: YouTube, por favor
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only)
Anything else?: Thanks for doing this!


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


First of all, your book sounds kind of awesome. I am not a fan of Twilight at all (understatement of the year), but a rewrite with a punk main character could be promising.

How closely based is this on Twilight? I was just wondering if it might be appropriate to use the punkier songs on the Twilight soundtrack. Also, there’s an MCR song bashing Twilight that I am totally going to use.


I love it! thank you very much!


You’re welcome :smiley:


I love it, thank you!