Absinthe Playlists (Free and Open!)




Username : Vexful‬
‪Title of Book : Dark Bloom

Book Description : Aila died and has officially turned into a demon. She leads her army of demons while Damien leads the Black Order. A deadly showdown with only one winner, Damien tries his best to get her back onto the good side, but evil has officially won her over.

Music Genre : Alternative, hard rock, indie pop‬ (no metal, classic rock, punk, or country)
‪Artist/Example Songs : Artists like Ruelle, Digital Daggers, Sam Tinnesz, Imagine Dragons, Royal Deluxe, MISSIO, Zayde Wolf, The Neighborhood, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, The Score, Daughter, Theory of a Deadman, Bohnes, Florence and the Machine, Bastille, Tommy Profitt, + more I can’t think of right now‬
‪Number of Songs (up to 40) 40!‬
‪Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes!
‪Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify ‬
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only) : No preferance !
Anything Else : Themes of war and battle, someone you love abandoning you, and songs about corruption of evil

THESE are songs I already have for the playlist, so I would appreciate you not using them but getting inspiration for theme and artists!


One question and one comment:

  1. Where are you drawing the line between hard rock and metal/punk?
  2. Since these are kind of similar to playlists that you’ve requested before, I’ll try to cross-check them against your previous playlists to avoid overlap, but I’m not always super great at that. Please let me know if you see a song or two that I’ve already given you, and I’ll try to find a new one!


For hard rock I think of bands like Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Daughtry etc. And for the metal/punk I think I meant less of the classic rock and more modern and hard bands? Does that make any sense, bc I feel like it doesn’t :joy:

And yes, that’s totally okay! That’s why I submitted all of these three at the same time soaybe it would help differentiate between the different moods a little better?


No, I’m still a little confused. Could you maybe give me an example of the kind of music that you would not want me to use because you would consider it to be metal or punk?


Offf the top of my head Blink- 182, Greenday, Nirvana etc. I want maybe more theatrical songs, like Tommee Profitt? Dark and dangerous and such. But whatever you can find is going to be great! :joy: I’m really not too picky


But that’s literally everything that I listen to!

I’ll see what I can do :smiley:


Omggg I’m so sorry :joy::joy::joy:


Haha it’s okay.


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


I looked over these and I’m already loving this!! Thank you!


You’re welcome! :smiley:


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


whooo so excited to hear it!! THANK YOU!


You’re welcome!


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Thank you SO much! I’m so excited to listen to all of these, you’re the best!


You’re welcome :smiley:


Bump. I’m bored, and the queue’s empty.



Username: ribonucleotide
Name of Character/Ship: Madeline and Nicholas
Character/Ship Description: Madeline is a sweet and obedient girl, while Nicholas is disobedient and comes from a troublesome past. His instinct however is to protect Madeline at all costs. After meeting each other for the first time, they experience flashbacks. They were no ordinary flashbacks though, as they were from a past life before they were murdered. They go into this expedition to solve their own murder mystery and up getting in too deep. Now they’re on the run.
Title of Book: All Over Again
Book Description: When Madeline Boulevard meets Nicholas Reddy for the first time, she experiences flashes of memories that she’s never experienced. Maddie was soon led to believe that the events could have been from a past life; a life where the two experienced a tragedy that should have never happened.
Genre of Music: Pop / pop rock / alternative
Artist/Example Songs: All Through the Night (Riverdale version), Shout (Think Up Anger), Dance to This (Troye Sivan), songs from Twenty One Pilots, Sam Tinnesz, Imagine Dragons
Number of Songs (up to 40): 25-30
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?: yepp
Spotify or YouTube delivery?: spotify
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only): yass, perhaps: https://i.imgur.com/dKSd1O7.png
Anything else?: For the songs there could be elements of romance, mystery; something that give off reminiscent vibes. Hope that helps! Tysm, I’m really excited


Ooh, I like this!
Ship Playlist
Username: @lesserknown1
Character/Ship Description: A threesome relationship between a GenZ female ghost, a male werewolf, and a genderfluid Empath.
Title of Book: LEAD ME ASTRAY
Book Description: Aurie Edison shouldn’t linger in Overlay City, a mystical world of ley lines hidden within New Orleans. Luckily, there’s a seductive Empath named Mys who pledges to get her where she needs to be. Then there’s Detective Zyr Ravani, the hot werewolf tasked with keeping them safe. But what’s the worst that can happen to a Ghost? | See, Aurie’s not living her best life. But she COULD be if she accepts the powerful desire swirling between the three of them.
Genre of Music: Surprise Me
Artist/Example Songs: I think “Nobody” by NIIA is a good reference point
Number of Songs: Just 12
Explicit Lyrics: Yes please
Spotify or YouTube: Is BOTH an option? Please title LMA SHIP PLAYLIST b/c if I really like it, I’ll add it to the fanbook and give you a shout-out.
Playlist Image: You can use the book cover or I can send you a better image

Here are aesthetics to get your juices flowing: