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Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


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According to Spotify, the cover of your story is too small for me to use as a playlist image (it needs to be at least 300x300). Do you have a larger version of the image that I can use? If not, is there another image that you’d like?


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Here is your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


You’re the absolute best! I’ll be sure to [at] you in the extra content book and link to your playlists. Look for it tomorrow :slight_smile:


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Username: C_P_Addams
Name of Character/Ship: Charlie M. Swan
Character/Ship Description: A middle aged police chief with a smile he rarely blesses anyone but his daughter, Bella, with. However, he has quite the secret – he works with the local vampire coven to cover up and solve murders committed by hostile vampires, and eliminate them.
Title of Book: Mortality
Book Description: A total rewrite of the first Twilight novel with revamped (hehe, puns) characterisations and plotlines (aka “remember meeeeeee” xD)
Genre of Music: Classic rock, old country, 80’s rock (and any bands that have that sound)
Artist/Example Songs: The Eagles, The Statler Brothers, Echo and the Bunnymen, etc
Number of Songs (up to 40): 20 works
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics?: Hellyeah
Spotify or YouTube delivery?: YouTube
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only): N/A
Anything else?: I know you’re gonna do a kickass job after last time! And these’ll definitely help the more Charlie-centric chapters I’ve got planned. :smiley: Can’t wait to see it!


Here’s your playlist! I hope you like it :smiley:

I enjoyed making this one just because some of the music is pretty similar to what I’m using for my work in progress!


This is gonna be fucking amazing!! Thank you so so soooo much! And I’m glad you had fun :smiley: Thank you again for the playlist!


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Username : Ember_Gunns
Name of Character/Ship: Loward( Logan + Edward )
Character/Ship Description: Loward is a ship where Edward is a mafia leader’s son while Logan is a man trying to take care of his weeping mother. They meet after Edward beats up a group of kids for Logan’s sister, Tia.
Title of Book : Lavender eyes
Book Description : Everyone has their own place in love, right? Logan Gunns had this thought since he was a kid. On Omar, the government struggles to help rid the world of crime lords and gangs. What happens when Logan gets mixed up with the greatest crime boss in Omar?(I just posted the summary of the book)
Genre of Music : Anything really
Artist/Example Songs : Anyone
Number of Songs (up to 40) : 40
Can I use songs with explicit lyrics? Yes you can
Spotify or YouTube delivery? Spotify
Playlist Image (optional, Spotify only) I would love to see what you would pick.
Anything elses? Nope


Username: @another_xreaderx


Book Description: it is basically a short story about this young naive girl who falls in love with this elder guy. She is desperate for love, and willingly changes herself for the guy, to be something she never imagined herself to be. The book starts with her meeting him the first time in a crowd of people, that is the moment she knows she’s in love and ends with her laying in his bed, naked. He doesn’t want her love, he loves her body. And she gives it to him in hope that he’ll learn to love her the ways she loves him. The entire book is about desperation, insecurities, and jealousy.

Music genre: anything laidback and chill. R&B, soul, lowkey pop, indie…all of it.

Number of songs: around 20 will be great

Artist/example : Sam Smith, arctic monkey, the fray, Zayn, halsey

Can I use songs with explicit lyrics: Totally

Spotify or YouTube delivery : YouTube

Anything else: please refrain from classic rock, metal.

Thank you.


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley:


Thank you so much! I love the playlist already!


You’re welcome!


Here’s your playlist! I hope you enjoy it :smiley: