Abuse is NOT romance



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I’m sorry you’re feeling attacked. If you like your boyfriends being a little obsessive and possessive then that’s your perogative. But there’s a difference between that and having an obsession. If you are obsessived to a dangerous level, then you only see that person as an object, not a person. The problem with stories like 50 shades is that it’s teaching people that that dangeroys posessiveness is love.


She already clarified to the other user that she was not talking about the obssessive mental illness she was talking about the non extreme form


Because the entire topic is subjective, I don’t look at the comment in that way. I’m taking everything in this thread as opinion-based. I guess it’s just a difference in the way we look at things. If we were talking about something else, say like on the evolution thread where it’s not based completely on personal feelings, then we’d have issues.

Either way, if you feel that the comment was disrespectful towards you then that’s your right. I’m not saying you’re wrong in feeling that way, and I never said you’re wrong for responding.


I love and agree with most everything that you’re saying. Especially this

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I do disagree with this, though.

I think that as writers, if we chose to take on a difficult topic that has the potential to either enlighten or confuse people, we have a responsibility to get our depiction of that topic correct. To put out content containing sensitive subjects without considering the impact your words and work could have on others who read it or other who can relate to the topic is dangerous.

Other then that though, I totally agree with everything else you said :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Hi there. I believe you’re talking about me :slight_smile:

Obsessions, true obsessions, are not sexy but puts the person who is the subject of the others obsession in harm physically, mentally, and emotionally. It doesn’t even have to be the debilitating obsession that almost always results in crime. Another human being being obsessed with another human being is unhealthy.

To promote being obsessed over another human isn’t sexy. Now, did I say- like you’ve claimed- that she literally must not sexualize obsessions? I did not. I wouldn’t try and tell anybody what they were allowed to find sexy or not. I CAN and will say what is healthy and what is not. Obsessions are in NO way healthy for either party. I do not find unhealthy obsessions sexy but she is allowed to find it however sexy she wants and I never said she couldn’t.

There’s a huge difference between loving someone deeply and wanting to be around them and make them happy and consuming your whole life with that one person.


You seem to have a big issue with me as well as tagging me in the posts you’re talking about me in. lol


Does this even make sense?

You’re literally saying I told you YOU MUST NOT FIND OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOR SEXY OR ELSE. All I said is that it is unhealthy and there’s nothing sexy about that. You are free to enjoy whatever unhealthy behavior you’d like.


You may be too sane and reasonable for this thread :joy: lol


Angel Said she will no longer be replying so let’s not light up the candle again


Yes, and that is perfectly fine and probably for the best. But while I was away I was spoken about in negative ways and words were put into my mouth so I have every right to defend myself. Thank you :slight_smile:


That’s expected when you attack something that people like. I’m sure if somebody criticizes your lifestyle you’d also be defensive it’s only human


Oooooh…what happened? This thread was smooth before???


Angel said that she likes when her man is obsessive but not extreme and she consents it and then Minx said that that preference is dangerous and there’s nothing sexy about it and Angel found that statement disrespectful because Minx sounded to her as if she was making general objective statements about a subjective topic

But minx doesn’t think it’s disrespectful because she wasn’t telling Angel that she must stop liking it


I absolutely never criticized her lifestyle. Not once. That’s why I’m so confused as to where this conversation went.

I said obsession was dangerous and there wasn’t anything sexy about that. That’s all. You both twisted it into me bashing her and demanding she not find it sexy.

She has confused BSDM with abuse on this thread many times already as well.

Not once have I or would I ever criticize someone’s lifestyle. I criticized her judgement of what was healthy and not, sure. But that was the extent of my comments so I’m not sure where you got all of your anger and hatred for me from.


She has always put quotation marks on abuse and said she didn’t know what to call it other than abuse because as an outsider she considered it abuse.


This is what she said. This is a dangerous notion. She didn’t say anything about ‘only when it’s not too extreme’

This is what she said and that is why I responded that it was dangerous and not sexy. Lets all get our facts straight, yes?


She clarified after your comment and said there is a difference between O.l.D and obsession do you even know what OLD is and what’s the difference between them are?