Abuse is NOT romance



There are many degrees to obsession - depending on the context it could range from very mild to bat crazy! Lol :sweat_smile:


Now you’re just making grand, outlandish comments and conclusions because none of what you’re saying has any ground.

This is going in pointless circles.


Angel already said she wasn’t talking about the extreme kind of obsession


Yes. And it is her prerogative


Yes, this is absolutely true and when the initial comment was made, it was “I love obsessive men” and I responded with this could be dangerous and that there was nothing sexy about that. That’s all. Now, we’re here and I’m not even sure why.

Anyways. How’s your day going?




We’re here because you are ignoring the comment that I posted above. She told you she’s not talking about the extreme kind of obsession but you keep talking as if she hasn’t clarified that so bye sis


Thank you my day is going fine. It seems like there is a miscommunication here for sure. I just hope we all could discuss this topic, seeing from both viewpoints.
Hope your day is going well too.


I see what Lips is saying…


We know Lips she’s a nice intellectual veterinarian even though I disagree with a lot of her views but I know she’s not crazy to talk about the extreme obsession


Stop making me blush :astonished:


You’re welcome :heart: the least I can do you have also defended me before when people kept misunderstanding me


That’s our smexi smart girl :muscle:


Yoooouuuu guys I love you @be_butterfly @AllieSulvian @Spiritualtwinflames and of course my twin sister @LostNeverland4 :two_hearts:


abuse and romance is completely different thing i agree :pensive:


So…we’re still going…

What have I missed?


Again, I’ve commented on this several times. I said she could do whatever she wanted. I said she could find obsession sexy. I never criticized. THIS ENTIRE THING is because of her initial comment and how you and her were both so deeply offended before any of this clarification was announced and went after me, made up assumptions of what I meant and I came back on to defend myself.

You will not let it go neither will you acknowledge that this whole thing was based on her first, concerning comment. That is all. You’ve spiraled though and now we’re arguing in circles and not even about the same damn thing. I try and bring up the first comment which is the only thing I commented on and you bring up shit that was said while I wasn’t here and things I wasn’t referring to.

This was all about the first comment but you’ve ignored that so many times. I’ve responded with acceptance that she changed what she said down the line but what you refuse to do is acknowledge that the comment that started this all is harmful- EVEN IF ITS NOT WHAT SHE MEANT- and instead made up shit about me and what I meant and accused me of being against women and wanting to tear her down.

Everyone is allowed to be into whatever they want without criticism but if someone hears something that sounds alarming, they should be allowed to say something without it being misconstrued and turned around.


Oh, I’m a woman hating critic because I mentioned obsession being dangerous. Ya know, the usual.


Angel said some women like obsessive boyfriends including her then some users started saying that that’s dangerous then she clarified in the comment that she’s not talking about the extreme form of obsession but people are still triggered by her personal preference


Miscommunication for sure as well as disregard for initial topics. My day is going well, thank you for asking :slight_smile: I have a work Christmas party tonight so that should be fun!

Glad your day is going well, too!