Abuse is NOT romance



Can you keep your comments civilized? Your tone is very harsh. I’m sorry if my comments annoyed you.





@PurpleReborn here


My comments are civilized, quite actually. I’ve stated facts and spoken firmly but never have I not been civil with you. I’m not sure where you’re finding them anything but. Can you elaborate?

Or did you just say this so that you didn’t have to respond back to my rational explanation to you?

Honest question.


No. That is not true. If the guy is a vampire and his skin sparkles it is very hot - apparently. Atleast that is what I learned when watching a certain movie adaptation of a hit book series on a plane … Movies never lie!

Damn, that movie was so creepy!


I genuinely felt that your tone was harsh in your last lengthy comment but I’m not a mod so I can’t decide the harshness of comments I guess

Honest answer


I agree, obsession is dangerous. If you’re not talking about abnormal or disturbing behavior, you’re using the wrong word.

Definition of obsession

1 : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling broadly : compelling motivation

I don’t doubt that there are people who would like a truly obsessed partner. That doesn’t make it healthy.


Obsession: an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind. I have had multiple exes who were obsessed about me with my consent and I never felt like it was unhealthy for me and they never told me that they felt as if it was unhealthy. I simply find it cute when my man is always thinking about me and checking up on me :slight_smile:


Jesus Christ, thank you. That is all I communicated in my comment that got everyone so up in arms. Thank you. :raised_hands:

It has since spiraled, yes. But this was the initial idea. lol


I don’t think it’s up for us as outsiders to decide whether something is unhealthy or not especially that we are not Angels therapist or her boyfriends therapist. If they’re both happy being obsessive and not to the extreme and she mentioned earlier then I don’t see a prob and neither should anybody


It’s all in the terms, I guess. I have a friend who just watched her obsessive ex-boyfriend go to jail for stalking her. While he’s locked up, she’s legally changing her name and moving across the country, just so she can feel safe again.

I had a neighbor who absolutely loved it when her husband got insanely jealous.

To each his own.


That’s why Angel said she gives consent to the guy to obsess over her and she gives him her limits


Though dictionary definitions dictate usage, however people shifted words all the time and depending on the context - the word obsession can be very mild.


Yeah I just like me some texting every 5 secs, some thinking about me often, some hey just checking up on you every 1h, some social media stalking to see if there are some thirsty comments for him to warn away :stuck_out_tongue:


YOURe crazy


Crazy cool :sunglasses:


You know I support you twin! Haha don’t take it personally. People got mad at me too for my opinions.


That’s because we are strong women who dare to voice unpopular opinions :sunglasses:


You too are friendship goals


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