Abuse is NOT romance



Yes, of course! They don’t have to perfect or the classic “nice guy”. Toxic relationships shouldn’t romanticized either, but toxic doesn’t have to mean abusive. If two people constantly cheat on each other and then get back together, it’s toxic but it’s not abusive.

Also, I think WP has confused “bad boy” and “abusive” as if they’re the same thing! A bad boy can be romanticized! He can be a mafia leader or gets into trouble and bring a little danger and that’s okay! But a boy like that can also move heaven and earth for his partner and be respectful towards them, even if he gets into trouble. Just because he’s not the best person doesn’t mean there can’t be a romantic relationship and I see no problem with that!

What I find on WP is that this “bad boy” is actually usually bad because he constantly abuses his partner, and yet she finds it sexy and “can’t resist” even though he’s ruining their life and the partner would probably die in a real life situation like that. THAT’S not good to be romanticized. Not to say you can’t have it in literature, but the ugly truth has to be shown and not meant to be ideal.

But, yeah, “bad boy” and “abuser” do not go hand in hand. They’re not synonyms.