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Why is wattpad so harsh?
I Don't Know About the Forum
Incoming Changes to Featuring
The Mountain of Cake!



Subba dub dub!!!




Nice =]


Woooooo! Fresh thread!

I’ll start with today’s accomplishment: I finished chapter 21! I also wrote summaries for all 21 chapters, so I’m feeling all kinds of productive. :lumi:


Made #10 in the ‘dnd’ tag… wouldn’t know it though because it says that I’m 46 out of 53… IT LIES lol. When I check though, I’ve hit the top ten.

I’m getting ready to publish another chapter tomorrow night.


The list isn’t synced with the actual list. Never has. And never believe it always double check :wink:


Urgh… the tag system is still buggy. Either that or I really misunderstood the tag lists and tags in general.


It’s always been like that. The hotlist updates more than the written list. Pretty sure they’ve been written with different codings, which would explain my they’ve never synced.


A bit of a bummer that they aren’t synced. I guess I just haven’t been around long enough to realize that. Still, I’m pretty pleased that I made top ten in a tag. That’s something to be positive about.


And so you should be.

As with the system, I checked a lot when system 2.0 first started. I got really obsessed with seeing how things worked, and I had a lot of fun with that too


Accomplishment: number 24 in TeenRomance which is one of the tags featured on the Teen Fiction page thingy!






That is pretty exciting!


Psst guys, finish thread 2.2 first.

EDIT: There we go. It’s done now. Carry on :laughing:


Finished chapter, but stuck in April.


Dammit, you got Carry on my wayward son stuck in my head lol