This is where I get all my fangirling out. With Eddie Redmayne.


He is really cute :wink:



but with Lauren McQueen and Brennan Clost


Adorable, i can’t


I just googled both and have no idea who they are :joy:

Am I getting old and out of touch???


That’s fair enough, they are both in shows without much publicity.

Nope, not at all. :slight_smile:


Phew. :joy:

Which shows are they in?


Lauren McQueen is from Hollyoaks

and Brennan is from The Next Step


I know of Hollyoakes - but never heard of the other one.

But I think everyone living in the UK at least knows of Hollyoakes :joy:


Love Hollyoaks so muchh.


I think I’ve watched a couple of episodes, and they were okay. But it’s a very long-running series isn’t?


I wouldn’t say it’s a series. It’s on every weekday so it’s more like a soap opera


Ah okay. But it’s running for years and years hasn’t it? Or am I thinking about something else…


In India we have a drama series in that have been going on for about 9 years-Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Started back in 2009 and now it has completed 2,691 episodes which make it the longest-running show and it is still going on. And its honestly boring :joy:


Nope, you are thinking about Hollyoaks.

It has 5018 episodes.


Woah…That’s a lot of episodes.


It’s been going on since 1995 so


Does it have a loyal audience that watches it? I mean, some shows go on because they have a loyal fan following.


It has a very good audience so yeah that’s why.


Jesus Christ :joy:

@Nablai @JaxMayflower There’s a US show called " The Bold and the Beautiful" and it has 7561 episodes.