I’ve heard about that.


It’s the worst, tbh


There was also this show called As The World Turns. It had 13858 episodes.
My mom watched it and I joined her when I was a kid (I’m pretty sure that’s how I learned English)


13,000? Damn that’s a lot.


I know right! It stopped it 2010 though


Oh my god. You gotta commend these shows for keeping it going this long though.

I mean, I always thought Friends had a lot of episodes (700) but that was nothing compared to these!


Friends was quality content though.

What do you guys think about turning a historical figure into a LGBT+ character?


7561 episodes? OMG :joy:

Never heard of the show, tbh


I’m all for it.


I just can’t decide because I’ve wanted to turn Antionette into a lesbian, but I also just had a small idea that she is dying for Lady Jane Grey because she loves her but can’t express her feelings because of
the time period she lives in?

I think i’m going to run with it, because I know that there’s no romance in this book so far and want to add a little in.


I loved it :heart:

Who’s the character? (I don’t think you should do it if they were very obviously not queer)


It’s Lady Jane Grey, she isn’t very well known throughout history. She’s nicknamed ‘9 day queen’


Why not try and find a genuine queer historical figure instead?


I’d say that you go with your instinct, Jax :slight_smile:


I’ve only got about 15k left on the manuscript and if I add another era in, it will extend the book from 50k to around 75k and that will just feel like it’s been dragged out. Like it’s a book that only spans around three weeks but multiple eras.

I think I might run with it, thank you all for the input!



Sodomy laws

Before the French Revolution, sodomy was a serious crime. Jean Diot and Bruno Lenoir were the last homosexuals burned to death on 6 July 1750.[6] The first French Revolution decriminalised homosexuality when the Penal Code of 1791 made no mention of same-sex relations in private.

Most laws during that time didn’t mention lesbian sex or relationships. So they could be lesbians if they wanted.

Marie Antoinette was born in 1755, for reference.


Oh no, my original character is called Antionette.

And I’ve just realised, I spelt the name wrong for the whole book.


Ooohhh, okay. Lol. You’re probably in the clear then - I’d still check up on queer laws as they changed a bit from country to country (it was for example made punishable by death for two men to have sex in 1533 in England by King Henry VIIII - but it didn’t mention women. I’m writing Historical Fantasy, I don’t just know this :joy:)


I just researched them and the laws under Henry VIII were still there when Lady Jane Grey was queen, but they were overturned by Mary (Jane’s successor)

What era is your historical fantasy set in?


Overturned for the better?

Around the 1540’s somewhere. Right now. I’m gonna progress it until the 1800’s - they’re all deities or vampires. So they don’t die.