OH DUDE! That’s amazing, congratulations :smile:

@footworried this is definitely an accomplishment. Welcome back after your break! What are you currently working on?


thanks man! I used to write like dark fiction or science fiction but my writing skills are weak af now so I’m doing baby steps and writing short non fiction stories about my life during the ages of 11 - 15 when my mum was dating and married to a pathalogical liar + alcoholic + cocaine addict + everything else under the sun. I keep having weird flashbacks to random memories of that time and I thought it’s about time I write them all down. Def want to get back into fiction at some point though!!


Damn, sorry you and your mum had to go through that. Writing can definitely be healing :sparkles:

I hope it gets you back into writing fiction too. I think we can all appreciate what it does for us here!


finished an ep but now stuck on other things.


550 votes in just under 4 months - the same with 6700 reads so 7,000 reads is entirely possible before the end of the week. Hoping to get to 600 votes in the same time, but you know how unpredictable reader habits can be. XD


Aka procrastinating? XD


idk what to do next.


Maybe read? That’s always helped me.


That’s awesome!


I have all four of my stories hit 100 reads on Wattpad!








This seems like a good place to say I finished my 17th book a few days ago! Not only that, but finishing it helped me achieve both goals I set up for NaNoWriMo!


I’ve reached more than 1k views on the book I’m currently working on and it’s more than 2/3rds posted. But I’m pretty happy about that number, considering it’s not even finished yet.

ALSO! I had an amazing idea hit me like a brick in the face yesterday, so I’m super excited to start building that as well. Not like I have another massive project going on in parallel already…
#writerproblems #whenthemusestrikes


Congratulations on winning NaNo, Shino :slight_smile:

@dreamsmadereal Congratulations on winning NaNo and completing your 17th story :slight_smile:


My book Perchance to Dream won Top Romance for The Sinne Awards. The competition was brutal. I really can’t believe I won. I think I’ll be shocked all day.

This is the first time I’ve won a traditional user-run contest. A couple of weeks ago, Perchance to Dream won the Earnesty Community’s Weekly Awards for Epic Kiss Scene.

November has been awesome.




Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thank you!