Amazing! Congratulation :partying_face::heart::tada::confetti_ball:


My Story A crosses 5.9K reads and got a lot of positive feedback from my Book Club :slight_smile:


Thank you!


7000 reads!





Thanks! Going to keep promoting it on Twitter until it reaches 10,000 then let Wattpad run its course with the story and see what happens.


My story reached 200 reads!


Congrats! You’ll notice more traction and activity the higher it climbs up in the amount of reads.


Thank you. The daily chapter updates help a lot.


I wish I could do that. I’m struggling with three times a week as it is.


Congratulations on reaching 7K reads :slight_smile:

@sorcerybookclub Glad to hear that your story crossed 200 reads :slight_smile:


Thanks! Getting lots of comments on it today and last night, but strangely, only one reader has actually voted for the story, despite the notes.

Doing my best to reply to comments in hopes that encourages them to vote for the story after they read it through all the way.


Amazing! :open_mouth: Congratulations!

@Nablai Thank you! I managed to reach 200 reads in three weeks since joining Wattpad.


So, a weird accomplishment maybe, but someone tweeted about my book. Like, took time to go on Twitter and recommend it because they thought it was good :sob:


Omg. That’s awesome! :open_mouth: :clap:


Right?! I never thought something like that would happen, it wasn’t even on my radar of possibilities :joy:


Readers gushing over your writing is the most wholesome thing in the entire world, because they get nothing out of doing that besides spreading the word and making the author happy.

I fucking love wholesome stuff :heart:


That is so awesome. I love when readers love something so much they go out of their way to share it with others.


Shino finished her final project!

Arigatou na, @TheHermit_Crab!


That’s so nice :slight_smile: