That’s art and I fucking love it. :heart:


Thank you. I is arteast :heart:


Wild hit 20k reads! :smile:




7400 reads for A Rider’s Fate. Kind of hesitant to say anything about the votes though since Wattpad seems to recognize when I talk about them in this thread and the milestone gets delayed. XD


Many congratulations Fray @AWFrasier and @FantasybkLover :slight_smile:


@Prisim Would you please teach me how to find copyright content on Wattpad? :slight_smile: I’d love to learn.


It’s basically as simple as type in “Harry Potter” in the search, open one of the books that comes up, and compare it to Harry Potter. If it’s the same text, file a DCMA. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. The time consuming part is going through the books to check that it is in fact fan fic or quotes or whatever it might say it is.

It’s a little harder when it’s not a published book because that requires the person who found it to contact the original copyright holder to fill out the DCMA. If it’s not published then it can’t be reported by just anyone, it has to be the copyright holder.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: I’ll do exactly as you have advised me =]


hey there I have a few questions about wattpad premium do you use that?


Hey there :slight_smile:
I’m afraid that I don’t use Premium. You can read the details here-


okay … thankyou!


My story The Perfect Snow just broke 2k reads! I guess it’s picking up for the holidays :star_struck::christmas_tree::snowflake::snowman:


Congratulations :slight_smile:




Spent the evening working on a series of tracker spreads for Ranger Rising. One for reads, votes, and marketing. Gonna see and experiment with some things to see if my readership and engagement increases.


Anyone ever heard of Lost Song? I finished it yesterday.


Good luck and keep us updated :smile:

@ShinomiyaDR Don’t think I’ve heard of it, no.


tis a music-fantasy anime.