Then definitely no :joy:


tis on netflix


Don’t watch Anime anymore. Kind of lost interest.


well, either way, I enjoyed it.


Accomplishment: three writing reports/papers written in one weekend. I want this semester to be over.


Nice :smile:

You can do it :muscle:


twas sad but didn’t surpass batosupi.


I’ll take your word for it :sweat_smile: Don’t know that one either.


batosupi is where my dec PPs come from


Oooh, cool! :sparkles:


dec. is the month of batosupi.


Will do! I’ve somehow managed to amass 600 reads and 125 votes since July. I’m curious to see how some of my posting trends affect my readership.



@FieryArtemis Damn! That’s good! What have you done so far?



Power through! It’s over soon! :fist:


Lol, thanks!

Mainly being active here in the forums and reading/commenting/voting on other people’s work. I think those are the big ones.

I’m going to track things like posting on Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram and how many times I do it in a week to see if there’s any correlation. I’m debating on whether or not I want to track stories I read/engage with and which of those authors interact with me. Same thing with in the forums. I’m not sure if those are good data points to track.


This right here is my shit! I love experimenting with stuff like this!

And it sounds like a really good idea. Then you’ll know where to put your focus based on the results!


I just realized I never posted my big accomplishment here.


Glitter text makes it even better! Congrats! :smile: :sparkles:


Thank you! :lumi:

Gotta love that glitter text. :’)