It’s art :sparkling_heart:


Exactly! I feel like this is the most research and math I’ve done since college lol.




Thank you! :lumi:


One more accomplishment to share this week: I broke ground on a new manuscript. This idea hit me literally like a brick in the head few days ago, and I’m stupid excited about it. And I immediately know that this is something I’ll be submitting for traditional publishing.

Wrote the first chapter tonight in one breath.
Guys. It’s literally writing itself!


@sugarfree You rock :slight_smile:

@FieryArtemis Kudos on the 600 reads and 125 votes :slight_smile:

@astrophile Congratulations on completing your story, Lumi :slight_smile:

@RowanShaw All the best for your new story =]


Thank you! :lumi:


A Rider’s Fate has reached 600 votes! Closing in on 8,000 reads and it’s highly likely it could reach 10,000 by the end of the year if things stay at this pace. :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thanks. I stayed up last night praying to the Wattpad gods at 12:15am the person reading and voting would vote for all the chapters. XD


The White Rider is approaching 30 votes with only five chapters posted so far!


Nice =]


A Rider’s Fate is ranked 39th on the Fantasy Hot List against 33,000 stories.


YAY for netflix !




do you watch Netflix much?


not necessarily. depends on if I feel adventurous. don’t bother exploring Hulu.


yesss hahaa what do you watch on Netflix? do you like TV shows?


documentaries, winx club, and anime things.


Hello, I have awesome NEWS!

I never thought that would happen, but The Crossing Destinies was accepted into Fantastical Adventure Reading List on @adventure !!

I submitted the form just two days ago XD

I’m so happy right now :heart:

To make this day even sweeter, TCD also ranked quite well :smiley:

My other story Silver Darkness won the 2nd Place in TBR Awards in Fanfiction!

The same story was also nominated along 17 authors for “Writing at its Best” in TV Awards.