8400 reads.

Goal is still 10,000 by January.

Edits for chapter seven completed, almost completed writing chapter 8.

New story idea for 2019.





Congratulations on the 8.4K reads :slight_smile:

@TheHermit_Crab Nice to have you back, Reem :slight_smile:


My bookmarks came and I can’t wait to send them out (ヽ´ω`)


Those are so adorable!


Thanks! I’m sending them out to my top inksgiving tippers and can’t wait (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Just gotta find a paper cutter bc I obviously suck ass with scissors


Get a guillotine - seriously, those bad bois save my life in the cutting room :smile:


omg, I love those book marks! They look awesome! Congratulations!


These are so beautiful :heart_eyes:


Those do look really cool! Where did you get them printed and did you design them yourself?


One week of tracking my Wattpad “marketing strategies” and readership down! So far I’ve tracked about 30 new reads, 2 votes, about 5 new followers, and added to 2 reading lists…

I’m not sure if any of my data is correlative but I sure feel like a research scientist every time I look at it.


I designed them myself, with Canva’s templates, then printed them via Vistaprint.


Oh? How are you tracking those?


My new story, Sorcery Ice Slayer, reached 50+ reads in 7 days!

Edit: now it’s 60 reads! :laughing:


A Rider’s Fate has made it to round 2 of a contest I’m entered in!


A really terrible bullet journal spread lol. I need to post some pictures but I really need to find a good way to take them without them looking real tacky.


But, like, how do you know the numbers are because of your marketing?


Accomplishment: I got a second ask on my writing tumblr. #sohyped




I don’t… lol

That’s why I said that I wasn’t sure if there was any correlation.