Ah, I see.


I’m kind of looking at it as one large experiment to see what works for me and what doesn’t.


That makes sense.


@sorcerybookclub Congratulations on the 50 reads :slight_smile:

@FantasybkLover My best wishes for your win :slight_smile:

@astrophile Way to go, Lumi =]


Thank you very much! :blush:


You guys…I wrote 10k words of a new story in the past SEVEN DAYS. I’ve had chapters write themselves before, but this whole story is writing itself. My architect plotter self is trying to build the plane as we’re already up in the air and I’m getting dragged along. It’s kind of awesome and terrifying at the same time. 10k words. One week.




they are nice!


Holly cow! That’s awesome! Congratulations! :hugs:


I know, right? Thank you! I’m at 12k since the time of my comment up there 13h ago… :flushed:


70 reads plus 14th rank in “badass reads” for Sorcery Ice Slayer. XD


somebody liked my beta feedback! :tada::tada::tada:


That’s so nice, Shino :slight_smile:


Was afraid it’d come out crap.


I have a few ones:

-my Graphics reached 7K reads!

-My Teen Fiction has reached 2K reads!

-One of my other usernames, Xftg123, has been in use since 2010 with the same name, password, and has NEVER been hacked into


After years of sticking to a plot in my story, after intense reaction from my readers, I’ve chucked an entire scene, and possibly maybe even a 5,000 word chapter, for a more audacious, riveting, and satisfying scene.

I’ve been so hesitant to cut out stuff but I’ve been so compelled to do this for months now and I love it. I know the rest of my book will have to go through heavy revision now, but I’m actually excited about it and possibly cutting down a bunch more scenes.

I hate editing but this had to be done and I’m excited.


I’m in a similar boat but stuck cuz plot holes are evil.


They are but I can’t let that stop me. Don’t let it stop you! That’s what WP is for. A reader will find it!


tis important though… I can’t start til I know how.


Know how?