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A c c o m p l i s h m e n t s !

Hello and welcome to the accomplishments thread! What do we do here? We discuss our accomplishments! This includes hitting goals for numbers of reads, votes, comments, as well as word counts, awards, and things not related to writing!

Join in the conversation to discuss what you’ve accomplished and what your goals are. We’re here to support one another!

Feel free to have other conversations related to writing, too!

Some simple rules:

  • No spamming! Keep the conversations going, but please don’t post just to get your post count up / kill the thread.
  • No advertising your story or asking for votes! This is against the club rules.
  • Keep a positive environment in the thread!



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@Prisim just tagging you because I want you to look.


Not bad!


@Prisim still gotta play around a bit.


Accomplishment: Lifeless is #438 in dystopia right now!


Looks good :smiley:


Accomplishment: I am #1 and #2 in the same tag but with two different books.

There are only two books total in the tag.

Should I be proud of this? :joy:


Always be proud :hearts:


It’s so weird because I tagged a third book with the same tag but it’s not ranking.

I can see it under the “new” section, though. :thinking:


Recently? Might need time to appear on the rank.

Do your rankings change throughout the day? I’ve only noticed it on one book so far.


Nope. Not recently. I tagged all three books at the same time.

Yep! I’ve noticed quite a bit of fluctuation with my rankings.


Oh, that’s weird!

Fewf, glad I’m not the only one then!


Last I looked I was 2 & 3 in Fishbae…out of 3…and the tag was added as a joke to begin with :rofl: (I really could do without ranking in non genre tags)


Mine don’t fluctuate as often as others say their tags do, but I have seen them update more than once in a day.


Accomplishment: Someone completely ripped apart my book in 6k words! c:


Apparently it shouldn’t be happening XD So they’re looking into that issue.


Wow! That sounds good (least to me) as it’s something I was hoping my readers would do.


I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut but it’s a good thing.

Now, I know what I need to fix in my possible 5th draft. :joy:


Wow, fifth draft? I’m only onto my third and I’m already exhausted, haha.


I’d have to say that writing more than one story at a time would have to be my biggest accomplishment.