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Welcome to the D.T.I.U. (Dangerous Tactical Investigation Unit) A special unit below the S.A.S., but above the rest, who take on the world’s most dangerous missions for the protection of humanity. Rookie, who’s the newest recruit to join the D.T.I.U. travels from mission to mission, until the memories of his past begin to resurface, which unveils a strange phenomenon… A second Identity.



When threatening messages are sent to a depressed foster girl, she must dig back into her biological family’s past to save herself - as well as her loved ones - from being killed. Join Miranda Jones as she battles her darkest demons to take down the people who have also killed her parents - the Mafia.

So far, this story has 6 parts and is updated frequently.


Trapped in the Ring


When a shy 18 year old accidentally falls into the hands of a lucrative criminal organization, she is forced to abandon her old life and cooperate with the group’s dangerous schemes.

Will she escape?
Will she bring down the organization?
Or will she join them?

This will evolve into a complex story with lots of revelations and plot twists. Enjoy :blush:


      The Donkey On Wattpad

The Universe is weird.Filled with galaxies and black holes, quasars and pulsars - from tiny quarks to multi-dimensional branes, one thing stands out as weirdest of them all - Humans. Now spread far and wide across the Milky Way, if not for the space-trucker, billions would die. Like warehouses from outer space, no sight on any planet is more welcome than a space-truck laden with
joys, goods and necessities.

Except on one planet - Spartex. On this rock, there are only two things. Those that want to eat you and those that want to possess you.
And sometimes you can’t tell them apart. On a planet where no one will tell you their
name, nor does anyone want to know yours, few things matter, save one.

Get the hell off Spartax before somebody kills you. Because on Spartax, somebody might.
      The Donkey On Wattpad


My Dream Job



“Hey” he said with a SAD smile??. I smiled back at him and walked besides his bed.

“What happened? Why were you on the road unconscious?” I asked and raised my eyebrow at him in confusion. A tear rolled down his eye and i widened my eyes.

"What the? Abi, calm down. Relax! " Eris quickly handed him a glass of water but he refused and more tears started to roll down from his eyes.

“Abi, please tell us what happened? Why are you crying?” I asked being more worried. Finally he said something but that SOMETHING shook my world.

“Oli’s gone”


_Link: _✔









Story Name: Gale - Naruto Fanfiction

Summary: Hayato Harukaze, a 15-year-old ANBU member known for his ability to control wind as if he and it were one. He’s like the calm before the storm, literally, a man that has incorporated wind style into the well known “Storm Style” of the Hidden Cloud. A friend to not only the youngest ANBU, Itachi Uchiha, but also to “Kakashi of the Sharingan”, an ANBU captain known for his talent and Sharingan, despite not being an Uchiha.

Follow Hayato’s story of his life as an ANBU shinobi.

So far there are only 2 chapters uploaded. I release new chapters every 3-4ish days(or when I have the time to write).

Oof rip links and photos


Every secret agent out there wants them, every murder has a desire to kill them, and others have heard stories about them through whispers… but there’s one thing that people do know, they are known as SHATTERED.

Loss, love, and death. That is all Tessa and her twin brother Peter have experienced in their lives.

The murder of their father has scarred them and the missing of their mother has questioned them. Their childhood was nothing but pain and suffering… until they decided it was their mission to find out the truth.

All their lives, Tessa and Peter have made it their assignment to know what happened to their parents and when they get a close lead on who their next target is, highschool life is where they’ll begin. Spying on the son of the wealthiest CEO, Zachary Lockwood, may be easy but highschool life - not so much.
Tessa decides to take this mission on alone whilst her brother goes in search for their mother, will be a challenge. Especially when the truth begins to unravel slowly…

They’ll find them, they’ll hunt them, and they’ll question them. Everything will come down to one answer.


Hope you enjoy!


The 100//An alternative story

This is an alternative story of tv show called The 100.And when I say that is different, I really mean it:there will be different characters dying, a whole new story line, different relations between people, I think that you guys got my idea. I saw all the seasons, so don’t worry about that.
-the only story line that will be similiar to the show one is going to be the first chapter. This chapter will be practically a copy paste of the season 1,episode 1 of the tv show because I couldn’t find a better start. JUST AND ONLY THE FIRST CHAPTER.
-YOUR OPINION MATTERS: sometimes I might write the story line depending on what you guys want if I see more people suporting your idea. For a example:if one of you want’s to add a specific thing, character or relation or character-character relation(bisexual, lesbian, homosexual), I will do it. So always leave an opinion in the comments.
-don’t hesitate to ask me questions or tell me ideas in the comments, I will treat each one of the senteces with seriousness.
-this book is going to be a long one or a infinite one depending on how you guys want it. It won’t be short at all.


Hi, there!

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“I cannot love, I will not love, I am forbidden to love!” She shouted at me. “Then Why did you do it then. Why did you spare me?” I pushed back, my hands collided with her chest which didn’t move her back an inch.

Zoey Hartwell aka Snipe is a well-known hit man and feared by many of her enemies and even her colleagues are afraid of her. She is well known for her methods of assassination and that she lacks compassion, empathy, and sympathy. She lacks everything that makes up a good heart an make a human thinks twice before doing something cruel.

Asami Dwyer a famous Doctor at an elite hospital in the city. A critical thinker with a brave heart. She is the well known for her successful surgeries on the president kids. Her love life has been non-existent until Snipe and Asami paths crossed.

What will happened when their paths cross? will they follow their hearts or will their jobs interfere not to mention Snipe’s job? Can a heartless assassin love again?

Follow Davaughn7


Cadell Walker once told himself that if he ever got superpowers, it would be the best day of his life.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

In a near future London, eighteen-year-old Cadell suffers from super-powered schizophrenia which torments him with a bloodthirsty voice inside his head. After a series of traumatic events, he gains a lifelong obsession: to protect the merciless streets of South London as a vigilante.

However, Cadell is soon forced to confront the only person who truly understands his illness, a mysterious individual who will do whatever it takes for him to change. Protecting the city will be the least of his problems if he’s the one to destroy it.
(This is the first novel of a superhero universe I’m trying to create!)



Hi, I cannot seem to find this story on your profile? Sounds like an interesting plot! Could I possibly get a link to the story?


Hi, my name is Jordan Merritt and my novels name is “Squad Yashinoka And The Homunculus Blood”. In this first installment of a long-running series of action-adventure novels, Akachi and Oscar are the lead characters who are brothers that live in the vast supercontinent called Pangea. After their hometown is destroyed by a gang connected to a shady organization that plays the role of government called “The 99%” they join the 1%, an organization that just so happens to be connected to their parents. Upon joining, Akachi wishes to find his mother and speak to his father one last time who murdered during the attack while his adopted brother Oscar wants to find the last person responsible for killing his real mother. They make an unlikely group of friends and set out on a life changing adventure throughout Pangea.


Gale - A story about a boy named Hayato as he lives his life in the ANBU(a Naruto Fanfic). Not sure what else to put, so read the story to find out the details.


The best agents are the ones who don’t question orders. They lack their own morals and trust their directors in the same way a dog trusts its master. Amber Knight is one of those agents.

After being sent on a mission to retrieve rogue agent Derek Barnes, Agent Knight finds herself stranded across the sea with the arrogant, flirtatious traitor with one order: bring him back ALIVE.

But there’s something wrong. Barnes doesn’t resist Amber’s efforts in dragging him across the country as another group of pursuers chases the two in an effort to dispose of herself and Barnes.

She soon discovers that the people in her life may not be as trusting as they appear. And, with dozens of lives hanging in the balance, Amber is forced into a position where she must make her own rules and become her own master.


Hey guys, happy new year! I recently published the first chapter of my book and was looking for feedback. It won’t let me put up a link or cover of the book but it’d be greate if you could check it out through my profile :slight_smile:

The plot is:

  • four girls on a road trip
  • three hours from Sydney
  • two drunk guys
  • one massive misunderstanding of what Ariana Grande looks like

And that is the recipe for getting kidnapped by accident…and maybe also falling in love?


<img scr="My%20Post" width=300 / >

When Selene witnesses a gang murder, one would expect her to be dead. But instead, she was taken by force to the notorious Clan. A group known for its brutal acts of violence. 

Perhaps Selene is just an innocent girl at the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn't have anything to hide, right?



Genre: Young adult, coming of age, fiction, some fantasy
Title: Solicit.
Go to my page to check it out pretty please :)))

Just have one chapter up but it’ll come along really nicely here in a few days! It’s gonna have a lot of shocks and a coming of age themed story about a girl who gets involved with some bad people and bad things in the city. Please please please check it out :smiley: