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In the year 1982, reports surfaced that the planet was surrounded by a giant ice wall, reinvigorating the argument of the Earth possibly being flat and calling forth the attention of eccentric explorer Gosheven Danoo, who gathered a team of explorers to travel the ice wall and end the debate once and for all. But what will Gosheven and his team find on this deranged expedition?

This series updates bi-weekly


Graphic depictions of violence, including of a sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.


Welcome to the D.T.I.U. (Dangerous Tactical Investigation Unit) A special unit below the S.A.S., but above the rest, who take on the world’s most dangerous missions for the protection of humanity. Rookie, who’s the newest recruit to join the D.T.I.U. travels from mission to mission, until the memories of his past begin to resurface, which unveils a strange phenomenon… A second Identity.



When threatening messages are sent to a depressed foster girl, she must dig back into her biological family’s past to save herself - as well as her loved ones - from being killed. Join Miranda Jones as she battles her darkest demons to take down the people who have also killed her parents - the Mafia.

So far, this story has 6 parts and is updated frequently.


Trapped in the Ring


When a shy 18 year old accidentally falls into the hands of a lucrative criminal organization, she is forced to abandon her old life and cooperate with the group’s dangerous schemes.

Will she escape?
Will she bring down the organization?
Or will she join them?

This will evolve into a complex story with lots of revelations and plot twists. Enjoy :blush:


      The Donkey On Wattpad

The Universe is weird.Filled with galaxies and black holes, quasars and pulsars - from tiny quarks to multi-dimensional branes, one thing stands out as weirdest of them all - Humans. Now spread far and wide across the Milky Way, if not for the space-trucker, billions would die. Like warehouses from outer space, no sight on any planet is more welcome than a space-truck laden with
joys, goods and necessities.

Except on one planet - Spartex. On this rock, there are only two things. Those that want to eat you and those that want to possess you.
And sometimes you can’t tell them apart. On a planet where no one will tell you their
name, nor does anyone want to know yours, few things matter, save one.

Get the hell off Spartax before somebody kills you. Because on Spartax, somebody might.
      The Donkey On Wattpad


My Dream Job



“Hey” he said with a SAD smile??. I smiled back at him and walked besides his bed.

“What happened? Why were you on the road unconscious?” I asked and raised my eyebrow at him in confusion. A tear rolled down his eye and i widened my eyes.

"What the? Abi, calm down. Relax! " Eris quickly handed him a glass of water but he refused and more tears started to roll down from his eyes.

“Abi, please tell us what happened? Why are you crying?” I asked being more worried. Finally he said something but that SOMETHING shook my world.

“Oli’s gone”


_Link: _✔



Rogue Sector

Delos is a city of few heroes, but a horde of villains. Apollo happens to be the latter, but not by choice, he swears.

Needing money, Apollo takes a desperate shot at stealing a precious artifact belonging to the city’s former top hero Atum.

When things go awry, as they always do, Apollo finds himself at the end of his rope. That is until he gets contacted by them.

Rogue Sector: an elusive group rumored to consist of superhuman assassins and defected government agents.

Offered enough money to get himself out of debt and pay for his bed-ridden mother’s treatment, Apollo is tasked by the group to complete progressively dangerous and immoral missions.

When a certain obnoxious vigilante who can’t help himself by minding his own business, and Delos City’s hero coalition A.K.A Nemesis, line him in their sights, how far will Apollo go in the pursuit of money?

With his control over light and a little luck, Apollo intends to find out.