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Result Of Insanity

A crippling pain took hold of me as I looked at his peaceful and serene face.
I sat down on the chair near his bed to prevent myself from crashing down due to the crippling pain in my heart. I just want this pain to go away but it is not going to happen I knew it.
I moved closer to him and brushed his smooth hair from his forehead.
I hovered above his face, whispering my words of love and placed a kiss on both his closed eyes, praying for him to wake up soon.
I turned and thought about the reason why he is here and I know I can’t blame anyone but me. It’s because of my insanity.

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I got a few stories that might interest you. All of them involve romance and a lot of action.
I’d appreciate it if you give them a read. Thank you.


Duty, Love and the Wasteland

A simple scavenging run ended up changing my life. It all started with my pocket radio picking up an unusual signal once I had almost reached my destination. Out of curiosity and lack of better judgement I followed the signal…


Story of Tom

Accompany a young vault dweller, who fled the horrors of his vault, on his journey through out the wasteland. Will he survive the many dangers of the wasteland or will it claim his life as it has so many others?


A Hunter’s Life's-life-m-hunter-x-handler

After leaving the old word behind, a whole new adventure awaits the Hunter. Many exciting challenges lay ahead. He was ready for it, looking forward to venture to the new world. Ready for whatever would be thrown at him or so he thought…


Hi! :grinning::blush: There is a book I’m currently writing. Some mafia love-hate kind of thing. I hope you can check it out in case you find some free time. Well if you do pleaseeeee tell me what you think.
It’s name is Static Hearts. :two_hearts:

She was born a queen, with indisputable power, great intelligence and unparalleled charm. Reina, the daughter of an Italian mafia mob, lost her childhood due to the treacherous acts of people who surrounded her. Now she is in pursuit of the only thing she can’t have… a normal life.
He watches her every move, following his prey like a predator would, wanting to dirty her pretty face with his bloodied hands.
Treating life as a chess game, able to understand people’s deepest thoughts, ruthless to her enemies, and kindest to her close ones… that is Reina Romano, the woman who makes someone’s heart tremble in fear while someone else’s throb in excitement. With so many men trying to control her will she succeed in gaining the so much wanted freedom?

#cunning #friendship #inner demons #intelligent #love-hate

So…this is my first book. I truly hope Reina’s story will captivate you as much as it does to me every time I think about it. A face void of any smiles, indifferent bewitching eyes, an unyielding heart which palpitates only at the sight of blood… this is a story full of static emotions entwining behind a stoic expression.

ps: for some reason it seems like it’s not allowed to include photos on a post so i couldn’t send it’s cover.

Hey guys! All of your stories look great. Y’all are so talented and I’m honestly really lucky to share an amazing hobby with you all.

Well, the reason I’m here, obviously, is to share my Romance story. I’m not allowed to post the link so feel free to go to my profile to check it out.

It’s a fan-fiction with SELENA GOMEZ and HARRY STYLES . I’ve gotten a lot of attention on this story for the past few months and I would like to think of myself as a great writer. BUT I would love for your opinions on my story as well.

Please check it out and if you’d like me to read your story reply to this with a smiley face.

I seriously feel like we all post in here but none of our stories actually get read and I would really like that to change. We all deserve some attention for our stories.

If you made it this far and you’re STILL reading, you a real one :*

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This is a great place to start. My book is called NEBBIA, and it’s an action romance. There are two povs in the story, one for each chapter. If you are looking for a story that focuses on spirituality, family, friends, and love as a more complex feeling than the one described in books; self love, please go check my book on my profile. I’m @lostnfovnd.
Except: I rolled my eyes up to the sky and prayed to a God whom I had never believed in before. I prayed because I wanted all the hurting that surrounded her to disappear. I wanted to set her free.

“I wish I knew you a year ago when everything had started… because I really want to help you. And I won’t disappear as everyone else did. I want to stay around.”

“Are we staying here all night?” She asked laying on the cold marble of the floor.

“Do you have anything else in mind?”

I joined her.

“No, this looks perfect. I just want to lay here and count the stars.”


“Arkell,” she said in a soft toned voice, “How many stars do you see?”

I looked up at the sky and got absorbed by the enormous quantity of lights up there. It looked infinite, impossible to ever finish counting. But then again, I looked at her, and everything got smaller: the world, the galaxies, and all those stars; because, in front of me, there was the source of all lights in the universe.

Thank you.

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