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At first, I joined FEAR out of desperation, I really had no other choice than to join this unique group, and you will know why. Here’s the members of the group, the first one is the leader of FEAR, a blind talented girl named Elena von Nickelson, the leader filled with secrets and a prodigy, she was a former psychologist but she stopped to start FEAR.

I am Fernado Rivers, the chef of FEAR in normal society, I am the norm, but not in FEAR. I am the odd one in the group, because nobody in there is anywhere close to being normal.

What do FEAR do? Odd jobs, sounds very simple. But I swear it is not very simple at all, especially when everything started going in ruins.

Link :


Those Blue Eyes is the story of one woman, fighting a crime syndicate. Watch her navigating through the different sections of the mob- money laundering, human trafficking, brothels, drug abuse, organ harvesting and a little bit of cannibalism.


She was abducted when she was sixteen, spent years as a slave, experienced every atrocity firsthand; or so she claims.

She has learned their ways, she has learned to be quiet, to be insignificant, to survive by living in the shadows.

The empire has started to crumble; one by one corpses pile up, accidents happen, but her blue eyes betray no emotion.



“I’m lying on a table; beaten, bloody, and in pain. I don’t know how I got here, or where “here” is. All I know is I can’t feel my arms or legs, and not just because they are tied to opposite ends of the table. I slowly try to lift my head, but I feel too weak from the lack of blood, so I can only manage to look out the corner of my eyes.” Dimeji Roberts is an internationally renowned pastor with a perfect family, an enormous fortune, and a lasting legacy. Unfortunately, he also has a dark past. When his eldest son is found dead with a strange message on his chest, Roberts is pulled into a race against time to save his family from a ghost from the past - a wronged man with a thirst for revenge. As he follows various clues to find the murderer, more secrets from the past are brought to light. Before he can face this foe, he must first overcome his greatest obstacle: himself.


Her brother was dead.
His father had been murdered.
Can they escape the lives they’ve been born into?

Audience: Mature for Language, Sexual Assault and Content.'t-know


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