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Read SMILΞ ᏢᎪᏒᎪᏞᏞᎪҲ 【 Mpreg warning 】 » Click here to read
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Percy, a homeless troubled youth, is captured by an interdimensional mob known simply as “The Syndicate” and is branded with a symbol across the tongue that shows that his body has been altered by the quantum fluctuations between realms. He is then forced to undergo the amputation of his hand as retribution for having stolen from the mob.

The mobsters, then playing “good cop,” offer to save him with pain medications and a high-price prosthesis in exchange for his complete loyalty, and proceed to hook him up with a drug addiction. Will Percy be able to escape with his life and, more importantly, his wellbeing?

The story also focuses around Percy’s love life as his devoted boyfriend tries to keep him safe and help him recover from the extensive trauma and abuse he has suffered during his life on the streets.

Armageddon; all he has to do is prevent it from happening.

Charged with protecting Planet Earth from the Lon, and known to his human friends as Cal, Cathal has been living the life of a rugby-playing teenager at Global High. Secretly guarding its human inhabitants, Cathal waits for the people of his home planet, Eachtrannach, to arrive and take over.

Meanwhile, Aoife’s planet is dying and Earth is the only one that can support their species. Plotting with the high council of Sqia, Lon’s elite scientists, Aoife aims to bring Cathal down. All that stands between her success and human demise is Cal and the serum Aoife carries in her pocket. Highly contagious, it will cause the unraveling of the seven enzymes that make up the building blocks of human DNA.

With the destiny of Planet Earth in their hands, who will win; Cal and the humans he protects, the Lon or something else entirely?


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We all find ways to escape from the harsh world we call our home. Two young outcasts find each other after having the same bullies in common. You’d literally have to tear them apart to separate them, but that’s just what they did. But how could people be so cruel? You’d be surprised at what people could do, from simple shoving to not so simple homicide. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, don’t blackmail someone five feet away from a cliff…

If anyone’s interested in a reading a murder mystery, please have a look at my debut crime detective novel called Max Hunter: The Dragon’s Nest -’s-nest

When Max Hunter’s parents, the two greatest private detectives in the world are killed in a mysterious fire and their case is closed by the police, Max decides to investigate with his best friend Ethan Flair, a technological genius. But as they probe, they learn that the Secret Order, the world’s greatest criminal organisation who were once extinguished by Max’s parents, have returned and something known as the Dragon’s Nest is at the heart of everything. The Secret Order has eyes and ears everywhere. Suddenly everyone they know is a suspect - nobody can be trusted. Who murdered Max’s parents? What is the Dragon’s Nest? As Max and Ethan work undercover to find out, harrowing events unfold, which change their teenage lives forever…

Link :

I am Fernado Rivers, the chef of FEAR in normal society, I am the norm, but not in FEAR. I am the odd one in the group, because nobody in there is anywhere close to being normal.

What do FEAR do? Odd jobs, sounds very simple. But I swear it is not very simple at all, especially when everything started going in ruins.

Read it at =>

From a piece of human waste, a boy is raised to be an elite killer - all for the sake of his padre. Padre is the man who saved his life, who gave him meaning. Padre is also the boss of the American-Italian mafia, one of the most wanted men during his time. As he grows older, Pinocchio, as he comes to be known, he must make a crucial decision. Fight as Padre’s puppet until his death…or cut off Padre’s strings.
A/N: Any violence or names in this book are fictional. I do not condone violence. It is merely to give the reader better ideas and experiences of the characters in this book.
Updates every Tuesday!

A gentle touch. Typically comforting, often full of love and compassion, almost always harmless and done with the best of intentions. Most people welcome it, but not Declan Darby. After surviving a horrific accident, Declan constantly lives in fear. A fear that runs so deep that it has turned into a social anxiety that controls the majority of his life. While most phobias are irrational, having festered for years, or even decades, Declan’s fear of physical touch is justified. He lives with a secret, an ability that has plagued him since the accident. Thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, Declan and his quirky, upbeat partner Dover race to save humanity from a disaster that he inadvertently helped create, and save the woman he loves in the process. Declan must face his fears and use his abilities as the gifts they were meant to be.