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I wrote a Marvel inspired book with Justin Bieber and One Direction as superheroes. It also pay homage to the MCU and X-Men films.

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Hi! :smile::blush:: There is a book I’m currently writing. Some mafia love-hate kind of thing. I hope you can check it out in case you find some free time. Well if you do pleaseeeee tell me what you think.
It’s name is Static Hearts. :two_hearts:
She was born a queen, with indisputable power, great intelligence and unparalleled charm. Reina, the daughter of an Italian mafia mob, lost her childhood due to the treacherous acts of people who surrounded her. Now she is in pursuit of the only thing she can’t have… a normal life.
He watches her every move, following his prey like a predator would, wanting to dirty her pretty face with his bloodied hands.
Treating life as a chess game, able to understand people’s deepest thoughts, ruthless to her enemies, and kindest to her close ones… that is Reina Romano, the woman who makes someone’s heart tremble in fear while someone else’s throb in excitement. With so many men trying to control her will she succeed in gaining the so much wanted freedom?

So…this is my first book. I truly hope Reina’s story will captivate you as much as it does to me every time I think about it. A face void of any smiles, indifferent bewitching eyes, an unyielding heart which palpitates only at the sight of blood… this is a story full of static emotions entwining behind a stoic expression.

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      The Donkey On Wattpad

The Universe is weird.Filled with galaxies and black holes, quasars and pulsars - from tiny quarks to multi-dimensional branes, one thing stands out as weirdest of them all - Humans. Now spread far and wide across the Milky Way, if not for the space-trucker, billions would die. Like warehouses from outer space, no sight on any planet is more welcome than a space-truck laden with
joys, goods and necessities.

Except on one planet - Spartex. On this rock, there are only two things. Those that want to eat you and those that want to possess you.
And sometimes you can’t tell them apart. On a planet where no one will tell you their
name, nor does anyone want to know yours, few things matter, save one.

Get the hell off Spartax before somebody kills you. Because on Spartax, somebody might.
      The Donkey On Wattpad
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Hey everyone.

Please check out my new book Fighting for Freedom

It has a lot of fighting in it, think the movie Fight Club but cage fights. There is also a love triangle.

Jess is taken into slavery at an early age in South Africa and forced to fight. Her fight against Mendez is for her freedom. If she wins, she is free, if she loses she will probably die in the ring. Alex is a doctor/police officer who is trying to take down the fight rings and rescue the children forced to fight. Oh and Alex is a vampire.

Please read and let me know what you think. Will update regularly.



“I’m sorry, Amara. But you were an un-finished project and I’ve come to take you away.”
I turned to where my friends sat, oblivious to what was happening. I opened my mouth to cry out, to call their names. Ali’s name was the first on my lips. A strong hand clamped around my mouth, silencing me. I felt a sharp sting in my neck.
“It’s going to be okay,” she whispered.
The world began to fade. I blinked and focused on Ali, Khalil and Yusef. They were laughing and chatting, waiting for me to come back. Would I ever see them again?
They were the last thing I saw as I slipped out of consciousness.

Student by day… something dangerous by night.

Amara Baksh tries her best to fit in at school. But despite her many attempts, she is always too energetic, too curious for other people.

A childhood incident leaves her with special abilities that helps her channel her energy elsewhere. In the darkness of the night, she fights crime.

But will she help create peace or cause more damage?


Ascension of the Phoenix (Book One)

She is being pulled to her destruction but a part of her needs it.

Detective Leila Wells has apprehended every criminal to cross her path, except for one. And when Bryan Foster returns, he devastates her world. To cope, she finds release in street fighting. Successes with her fighting partner grant them an invitation to participate in the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament. But as she fights, a power begins to rise within her - a dark and angry blaze urging her toward revenge.

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The Dragon of Russia (Book Two)

A phoenix can only bring about destruction.

The Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament made Leila Wells embrace her dark side, known as the Phoenix. When its angry nature becomes uncontrollable, Leila has to tame it by leaving again; danger in Russia forces her to live with a team of Spetsnaz and their dangerous leader, Dragunov - the feared Dragon of Russia. Having two dark sides under one roof can’t be good. After a clash of their inner demons and other scenarios, her heart finally starts to open up. But a dark fate lies ahead of them and they can’t escape it.

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Dueling with Snakes (Book Three)

If a phoenix’s fire is extinguished, it can’t burn.

Leila Wells couldn’t fight against the Phoenix any longer: Bryan Foster had to die - no more would die by his hands. She would return to the Rulers of the Realms Fighting Tag Tournament with Dragunov by her side to kill him. And if found just as guilty, Amadeus Xander would go up in flames too. Returning home after two years eased their rage but heats back up on the journey. Panordom tests them through difficulties they couldn’t have imagined, especially when an unworldly evil threatens mankind. Secrets will be revealed, intentions exposed, and Leila confronted with her most difficult decision ever.

Read here

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photo The Dark Forest Cover_zpsj3a9bpwk.jpg

Story Link:

When Amber Celest finally runs through the dark forest, her whole world changes. She realizes there’s more to earth than meets the eye. But she has to be careful. Not everything she sees is real. And not everyone she knows is human.
Will she find out the truth and make it out alive? Or will she stay lost and never find her way out?
Time is ticking… It doesn’t wait for no one… And the forces against her are all prepared for what’s to come.

                        Book 2 | Trailer Inside
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I’m A Badass Deal With It


Mai Valentine is ready to leave her badass life behind and embrace a chance to have a new one, but everything changes when she realizes she left her past undone, leading people and enemies to appear back in her life with unsettled business.

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Hi, for anyone who’s a Monster Hunter fan out there, or is just an action fan in general, please read my first story, Mark of the Deviljho. It’s has all you could ask for: action, adventure, character development, etc. I would really appreciate it, because I’m just in it for the storytelling, cause there’s nothing I love more than a good, original story. I don’t know how to put the cover into this post, sorry.

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The most terrifying man the world has ever known. Few have seen his face and none have fought him and lived to tell the tale. He goes by Death, as there is no other name to match the sheer terror of his reputation. He is Death himself killing without mercy or regret. His only relation is his daughter. She is his second in command and almost as terrifying. She also kills without mercy and has no morals or values other than power. They called her the Devil.

Xander is the reluctant leader of a rebellion with strong morals and a reason to fight. Kate is the strong-willed second in command to the unofficial dictator of the world. When Kate allows herself to be kidnapped by Xander and his allies all goes to hell when sparks fly between the pair. Will Xander be able to protect everyone he loves? Will Kate be able to protect her secret? Will love overpower all?

Click my bubble to find my stories!

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The city of Kempton has a reputation for being dangerous, with its underground black market prospering and multiple gangs littering the streets. Tensions between these criminals have always been high, but the fiercest rivalry is between two of the most well-known groups in the city: the Silent Soldiers and the Witches of Kempton.

But for two groups who clash at every turn, there is an abundance of history behind the animosity.

When Nik Varma, the hacker of the Silent Soldiers, is taken into police custody, they are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to get him back—even if it means creating an alliance with their known enemies.

(A/N: Sorry, it’s not letting me link the story here, but if you want to leave feedback on my story “Uncontrollable” which is on my profile, it’d be massively appreciated!)

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