Activity Suggestion

As everyone knows the activity feed is now gone.

I had come up with an idea to let people know when someone has been online without letting people see what they were last doing.

Have something on the profile say “Last Active At (insert date and time)”

Several different games and other apps do this and would be very useful I think as a good way to not know what the person was doing but know when they were active.

Please let me know what you think below!

Clarification: this would only update if you were to do anything that would be in the newsfeed. If you open the app and scroll through without doing anything or only PM people it would not update when you were last on.

I like this idea! But, I also think you should be able to alter it in some way too.

I don’t know how that would work. Like change it how

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I’m not sure, like being given the choice, i guess?

Hmmm. well even if you kept it on all the time it would only show the time you last made a comment, liked something or anything that did activity feed before. Only the time of it. So I don’t see why that would be a problem.

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(Saw this already)

oh xD

As a person who is familiar with coding, and how real time systems work, the problem isn’t the demand for privacy by, oh let’s say, one out every one hundred thousand Users.

The problem is, one time a long time ago, Wattpad hired people who once worked for Facebook, and strived to be more like Facebook. Rewriting code that somebody else wrote, and bodging together this program with that program and such, does not always go as planned.

And sometimes, things just fall apart. :frowning_face:


And you hear that from where?

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I like that!

I would not like this. I like to check Wattpad without feeling obligated to do anything. I don’t even like the feature on the forums. It’s like if someone PMd me, I log on to check but don’t have the time to reply, they can see I’ve been online but didn’t reply. That can lead to complications.


I’m with Fray on this. As a matter of fact I have that setting turned off on Facebook, because I don’t need everyone knowing when I’m online.
So if Wattpad implements something like that, there should be an invisible option, just like Discord offers too.


Why is it gone?

Maybe not a time… but maybe it could say last active: today, yesterday, insert date. Not just a time. I don’t like the idea of people knowing the exact time I’ve been on WP at.

no idea. I don’t like that its gone.

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If they are able to do that, that would be awesome. But I want some way to know when they were last on. and not when the last opened the app I want it just when they last commented, voted, updated or anything that comes up in the news feed would be the indicator for showing time.

Maybe “Last active 20 mintues ago” ? but I would be fine with a date also. I just would like some way to know when people were last on.

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Because of coding and users feedback it came to this and hopefully the glitches be removed and that.

I’m sad too but we got to understand and hope it’s better. I’m trying to and if majority wants privacy I can understand. Hurt but still understand :smiley: Unlike someone who likes to rip a staff off…

It is common knowledge that Wattpad strives to be like Facebook. Allen Lau has said so himself in order to get venture capital from people like OMERS.


Lau co-founded Wattpad with Ivan Yuen in 2006, and some have said it promises to do for online publishing what Facebook did for social networking.

Not is