Add the ‘don’t recommend again’ button to Orange WP



Please, make it possible to mark down the books so they stop popping on your recommendation list, the way Steam does with the games. The same books keep popping up again and again, and there really should be a user input of ‘no, thank you, offer me something else instead’.

If possible, tags settings defined by the user, not the algorithm will be nice as well to make sure the book recommendations are customizable.

Wattpad, should I want to explore ‘something different’, I am absolutely certain it’s not going to be anything that has a summary starting with ‘him’ pushing ‘her’ against a school locker, fondling her breasts under her tee, or fishing for joy inside her tight jeans.

If you do not wish to give me a benefit of a doubt as a discernible reader, allow me to spend my time to teach you that I am.



I’ve completely stopped looking at the recommendations because either it’s my own books or Chasing Red - neither of which I wish to read on Wattpad.






Yes! It’s annoying to see either my own books or something I wouldn’t read popping up in my recs over and over again.


Add me in on supporting this. Part of the reason I stopped going to the main wattpad page was because books kept popping up constantly that I’d never read. No disrespect to the Bad Boy Stole my Bra, but I was not interested in that book yet one day it was on every single reading list. That was the day I just changed my bookmark to my profile and now I never go to that page. All those lists are useless for me anyway since I’m primarily a writer on here, but it would be nice to know I have some control over what pops up there.


I read this and I totally agree!! This needs to be a thing before the monetary thing Wattpad wants to do lol


Yeah, I also avoided bookmarking to the home page. If it had relevant stories for me, I’d love to look at it! But yesterday it reccomended a story about how suicidal people go to hell, which uhhhh I am really not interested in reading.


Yes!!! This has to be changed! Every time I’m on WP, I see the same 5 stories in my recommended even though they’re the kind of stories I want to avoid. I’d like to have a choice!


I completely agree! It’s very annoying getting exactly the same books shown to me every time I look for new reads. It feels like the website is trying to shove them down my throat.

Which is probably the last thing wattpad wants after the whole ‘pleased to delighted’ debacle



Too many times they keep recommending bad boy books. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN THESE WATTPAD! It would be great if we had an option to remove certain books from the recommended section.

Especially if you get your own book recommended to you XD


I have better luck finding books here in the forums by clicking on usernames and checking out profiles that way.


I’d also really like a way to block certain tags, so stories with those tags won’t be recommended to us!


Like we can here on the clubs. That’d be really wonderful.


It’d be really useful, especially for people who want to avoid certain topics for personal reasons


That might not sit well with Wattpad.

To each their own, but then you would have this group complaining they’re being discriminated against.



I’m especially thinking of the people who get angry over finding lgbtq+ rep in a book tagged #lgbtq - if they could block it, they could no longer complain on author’s boards, PMs or comment sections.


Oh, I hadn’t even thought of that; I was thinking for triggers, so people wouldn’t have to be recommended books about stuff like suicide. I suppose it could be used for that too. I still think it should be a feature; people should be allowed to choose what they will and won’t read.


It’s like telling the people who get upset over books with gay jokes in them.

No one is forcing you to read them.

If I can leave, they can too.

There should be a way find a happy medium, where both sides can agree on something.

I’m trans, but I don’t read LGBT books or get offended when people say no LGBT books in reviews and stuff like that.


If only we had a specific filter for that and not just one big one to blanket all kinds of mature themes :grimacing:


The suicide stuff makes sense. I agree with that.