Add the ‘don’t recommend again’ button to Orange WP



Yeah… that’s why I wish we could have a tag blacklist, at least for recommendations


That’s a whole other and very dead discussion.

My point is, people have complained about being “tricked” into reading books with queer rep, even though the books have been tagged. If they could filter out tags, they’d no longer be able to complain.


It could be the solution we’ve been waiting for, really.


People are going to complain no matter what unfortunately.


So Wattpad shouldn’t make any changes or?


And then there’d be people who seek tags out tags they disagree with just to complain :roll_eyes:


I mean, nothing is holding them back from doing that now :woman_shrugging: I don’t think a tag filter would change anything in that regard.


That’s not what I’m saying.

There should be a filter for sure, but no system will be perfect. People will find a way around the tags.


I feel like this system could really help people avoid topics that could be distressing to them, or things they just don’t care to see. I’d block the fanfiction tag because I don’t read it; no reason for it to be reccomended to me


I agree about Fanfiction. (Sick of it, lol) and the depression. I’m just pointing out that it’s going to be a lot of work for Wattpad to figure out how to make a system like this that’s fair for everyone. Some authors may not include tags like depression, suicide to get around those filter results.


It’s way past bedtime for me, so I’m going to sleep. I hope the discussion continues! I’m really happy this thread and others like it exist; hopefully together we can help make Wattpad even better!


For example you could have someone with the tags romance, depression, then they could remove the depression tag and they would get included in the romance results.


There’s a way to remove certain tags from search, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to do that to the recommendations, too.

For example, if you want a story with romance but no fanfiction, you’d sesrch: #romance -fanfiction

Adding - in front of the tag will filter out stories that have fanfiction.

So the general idea is sort of in the system, so I think it’d be possible. Then again, I don’t know how crazy Wattpad’s backend codes look like.


Please. I don’t want to stare helplessly at my recommendations and hoping they refresh sometime in the future.

There used to be a ‘DISMISS’ button on the cover.

Bring it back.


“Dismiss” STILL exists. No matter how much you do it though, the same books keep coming back


It does? O.O I haven’t seen it in forever.


I thought I was the only that hasn’t read it yet. Lol.
I don’t like long chapters, otherwise I would have read it. What is your reason.


Yeah, and that would be sucky of hem. Having tags only works of authors use them properly


I don’t like Romance books :joy:


I haven’t been on WattPad for long, but the recommendations are sad. I agree, give me some control of a type of book I would like to see. It’s nice for the author to have 2.3m reads, but…

I also want to read a book, not 5 unfinished chapters of 100 words each.